E-Commerce Tips

Selling online requires attention to multiple facets of business management: finding products, watching trends, and connecting with customers, to name just a few. In order to stay competitive and profitable, it’s more important than ever to know the dos and don’ts of successful e-commerce businesses. Stay up-to-date on tips of the trade with eCommerceWeekly’s roundup of resources and advice.

150x150_4 steps to start an online business4 Steps to Start Your Online Business
Whether you’re starting your e-commerce business fresh or looking to take an existing business in a different direction, these steps can help guide decisions to help you reach your goals.  More info on how to start your online business.

150x150_finding-hot-products-to-sell-onlineFinding Hot Products to Sell Online
No matter what else you do in your e-commerce business, your website’s success rests on the products you sell. Learn how to find hot selling products and how to set your online store for success. More info on finding and selling products online.

150x150_Ecommerce-weekly_merchandiseHow To Acquire Products For Your E-Commerce Business
E-commerce sales can’t happen until you have your product line in place.  Here’s handy information about the four most common methods of sourcing what you sell.  More info on how to acquire products.

EW.com How to sell your products online 150x150How to Sell Your Products Online
Before you start selling online, take a look at your options – setting up your own site or joining an established marketplace. Both options have their pros and cons; here’s a quick look to help your decision. More info on selling your products online.

190095_EcommerceWeekly-6-Steps-to-Create-your-E-Commerce-Website_150x1506 Steps to Create Your E-Commerce Website
You’ve decided to sell your merchandise via your own website. Here are six tips to show you how to get your e-commerce website up and running, so you can get selling faster. More info on creating your own e-commerce website.

E-commerce Essentials in 5 Easy Steps182190_EW.com-E-commerce-Essentials-in-5-Easy-Steps_150x150
Sometimes small changes can make all the difference in your e-commerce site’s effectiveness. Make sure your site hits all the marks to keep buyers engaged and intrigued by following these five simple tips. More info on e-commerce essentials.

3 Ways to Click High Quality Product Photos with Your SmartPh150x150 phoneone
The next time you want to photograph your products, consider using your smartphone. More info on tips to take high quality product photos with your smartphone.

194703_EcommerceWeekly.com-5-Tips-to-Increase-Web-Traffic-to-Your-E-Commerce-Website_150x1505 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site
Don’t let a downturn in traffic get you down. Find out how to drive – and maintain – web traffic to your e-commerce site. More info on 5 tips to increase your website traffic.

150-EW.com-How-To-Convert-Browsers-Into-BuyersHow To Convert Browsers Into Buyers
You have a ton of visitors to your website, but no one seems to be buying your products?  It’s all about engaging with your customer like you would in a brick-and-mortar store.  More info on how to convert browsers into buyers.

EW.comKeyword-Research-in-3-Easy-Steps_150x150Keyword Research in 3 Easy Steps
Is your ecommerce site search-engine optimized? Find out how research and brainstorming can yield noticeable results for your ecommerce store. More info on Keyword Research.

EW.com Backlinks 150x1504 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your E-Commerce Website
Backlinks can make a big difference in your site visits – and sales.  Here’s an explanation of what backlinks are and how to optimize them.  More info on building backlinks for your e-commerce website.

150x150_Ecommerceweekly_Google-Analytics_150x150Using Google Analytics to Track Your Marketing Campaigns
Is your marketing performing the way you think it is?  Find out for certain by tracking via Google Analytics.  More info on using Google Analytics to Track Your Marketing Campaigns.

150x150 3 Steps Google AdWords3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Google AdWords
Marketing your e-commerce site is an important part of your business plan. Read how Google AdWords can help you begin and run a marketing campaign that will get your products noticed. More info on Google AdWords.

150x150 Site Search5 Ways to Improve Site Search
Site search functions help shoppers browse – which often spurs them to buy. Learn how site search can help improve your customer engagement and sales. More info on Improving Site Search and helping customers find products they want to buy.

204127_EcommerceWeekly.com-Optimize-Design_150x1503 Ways to Optimize Design for your E-Commerce Site
When it comes to e-commerce, looks matter! Find out how to optimize your website’s design for traffic and sales. More info on optimizing design for your e-commerce site to drive more clicks and more sales!

150x150 CTA5 Best Practices When Testing a Call to Action on Your E-Commerce Site
A call to action helps turns shoppers into buyers.  Here’s some advice that will help e-commerce sellers understand how calls to action work … and how they can improve sales.  More info on creating a call to action.

4 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment_150x1504 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
Abandoned shopping carts on your site mean lost sales. Read about how to keep customers engaged during the checkout process, straight through to the “Buy” button. More info on 4 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment.

204782_EcommerceWeekly.com-5-Tips-To-Create-Effective-Abandoned-Cart-Emails_150x1505 Tips To Create Effective Abandoned Cart Emails
Don’t let abandoned shopping carts affect your sales numbers. Find out how to create effective emails to shoppers who abandoned their shopping carts and turn them into completed sales. More info on creating effective abandoned cart emails.

5 Tips 150x150 Welcome Email5 Tips To Write an Effective Welcome Email
Your welcome email sets the stage for your seller-buyer relationship. Find out how to make the most out of this message using these tips. More info on how to write an effective welcome email that engages customers instantly.

EW.com 150x150 NegativeReviews4 Tips to Combat Negative Reviews For Your Website
Negative online reviews got you down?  Here’s how to turn things around and leave a positive impression on your unhappy customer.  More info and tips on how to deal with negative reviews on your e-commerce website.

EW.com 7 common mistakes 150x1507 Common Mistakes E-Commerce Businesses Should Avoid
Having your e-commerce store live doesn’t automatically mean it is good to go on all fronts. Follow these tips to ensure you don’t fall prey to common mistakes that can impact your image and sales. More info on the 7 common mistakes to avoid.

Conversion Killers 150x150 4 Conversion Killers E-Commerce Sellers Should Watch Out For
Are your visitors buying your products … or clicking off of your site? Find out ways to convert site browsers into buyers. More info on 4 conversion killers that all e-commerce sellers should watch out for.

EW.com 150x150 Email List4 Tips to Build An Email List for Your E-Commerce Business
Looking for an effective way to connect with customers?  Hear all about how to build an email list that can boost engagement and sales with these four easy tips.  More info on effective tips to build an email list for your e-commerce business.

150x150EW_Email Marketing6 Email Marketing Tips for Your Small Business
Email marketing can engage shoppers or turn them off. Find out how to craft your small business’ emails so they will be readable and show results. More info on tips to follow to run a successful email marketing campaign for your business.

205432_EcommerceWeekly-4-Ideas-To-Make-Your-Emails-Stand-Out_150x1504 Ideas To Make Your Emails Stand Out
Don’t discount emails as an effective way to connect with and attract customers. Here are four tips to help you create emails for your e-commerce business that will get noticed. More info on the how to make your emails stand out.

infographic_ecommerce-150x150[Infographic] Transactional Email Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses
Don’t miss out on connecting with customers by ignoring transactional emails. These emails help build trust, serve as an additional branding opportunity & can help boost sales. More info on transactional email best practices.

3 Reasons Blog EW.com 150x1503 Reasons Your E-Commerce Business Needs A Blog
A blog can be a powerful marketing tool for your e-commerce site. Read about benefits you may not have considered previously and how a blog can help increase traffic. More info on why your e-commerce business needs a blog.

150x150 EW.com BlogRunning  a Successful Blog for Your E-Commerce Business
Blogging your e-commerce business? Learn why should run a blog and also what tips to follow to help keep your audience and shoppers engaged and drive sales. More info on running a successful blog for your e-commerce business.

200013_EcommerceWeekly.com-Copywriting-Mistakes_150x150 (1)3 E-Commerce Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid
Your e-commerce site’s copy should grab the attention of your shoppers and keep them interested throughout their shopping experience.  Find out how to make your website’s writing effective.  More info on copywriting mistakes to avoid.

210038_EcommerceWeekly.com-Tips-About-Page_150x1505 Tips to Make the Most of Your About Page
Your site’s About page introduces you and your store to shoppers.  Make the first impression an effective one with copy and features to draw visitors in.  More info on tips for creating an effective About page.

150x150 Content Marketing Tips5 Tips for Content Marketing Success for Your E-Commerce Website
Have you tried content marketing for your e-commerce website?  Here are five tips to help you get started.  More info on how to create a successful content marketing strategy.

EW.com 150x150 Trustworthy Website5 Simple Tips to Create a Trustworthy E-Commerce Website
Is your e-commerce site trustworthy?  Read all about how to show shoppers that your store, products and site are worthy of their trust.  More info on how to create a trustworthy e-commerce website.

231685_EW_Images_CustomerReveiws_Icon3 Reasons Why Customer Reviews Can Help Your E-Commerce Business
Customer reviews provide valuable insight into your store and products.  Here’s why you should add this feature to your e-commerce site.  More info on how reviews can help your business.

209136_EcommerceWeekly-Retention_150x1506 Customer Retention Tricks That Make Your Current Customers Purchase More
Looking for customers? Think about the ones you already have!  Here are some ideas to make past customers into repeat customers.  More info on retention tips that make your current customers purchase more from your e-commerce store.

241130_EcommerceWeekly.com-Increase-Average-Order-Value_150x1503 Tips To Help Increase Average Order Value
Orders not adding up the way you want them to?  Here are a few ideas that may help your customers increase their purchase totals and improve your average order value.  More info on how to increase average order value.

150x150 Customer Service4 Ways To Provide Amazing Customer Service
Keep customers satisfied by being reachable and responsive.  Here are four tips to help maximize your reach to shoppers.  More info on providing amazing customer service.

150x150_Branded Packaging3 Tips To Create Branded Packaging For Your Products
Using branded packaging can create a lasting impression.  Find out how branded packaging could add a memorable touch to your image and result in increased sales.  More info on creating branded packaging for your products.

150x150 5 Steps Mobile Ready5 Steps To Get Your E-Commerce Business Mobile Ready
More shoppers are buying on the go and if your site isn’t ready to handle this trend, you may be missing out.  Learn how easy it is to get your e-commerce business mobile-friendly.  More info on getting your e-commerce business mobile ready.

EW.com 150x150 Automated Attackers3 Things E-Commerce Sellers Need to Know About Automated Attackers 
Is your inventory disappearing before it’s sold?  You may be a victim of automated attackers. Here’s what you should know to protect your business.  More info on automated attackers.

150x150 Tax TimeGet Your E-Commerce Business Ready For Tax Time In 6 Easy Steps
Don’t let tax season get you down: Prepare for the inevitable by getting organized, understanding your state’s tax laws and seeking out the right professionals to help. More info preparing your business for tax time.

EW.com 4 Unique Ideas To Grow Holiday Sales 150x1504 Unique Ideas to Grow Holiday Sales
Get the most out of the potentially lucrative holiday season with creative ways to showcase your products and differentiate your shop. More info on unique promotions you can create to grow sales this holiday season.

EW.com 5 Tips 150x1505 Tips to Staying Prepared for Shopping Events Year-Round
The holiday rush does not necessarily mean Christmas alone. There are high-volume shopping events year-round and learn what you can do to generate additional sales – See these 5 tips on staying prepared all year.

150x150 EW.com Mother's Day3 Ways to Prepare Your E-Commerce Store for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day ranks up there with the biggest shopping holidays of the year. Find out how to leverage this selling opportunity with your e-commerce site. More info on how to prepare your e-commerce store for this holiday.

[Infographic] The State of E-Commer150x150state-of-ecommercece in 2015
E-Commerce sales are expected to soar higher and reach 279 billion in 2015.  Within the U.S. and Europe, e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 10% this year.  More info on the state of e-commerce in 2015.