3 Ways to Click High Quality Product Photos With Your SmartPhone

570x300 phoneShooting product photos for your e-commerce site? You may want to consider using your smartphone. Today’s smartphone cameras can create photos that are every bit as eye-catching and effective as anything shot with a DSLR camera. Here’s what you need to know to get started … and start shooting!

Understand your phone’s camera
Most smartphones manufactured within the last few years can take photos of equal or better quality than dedicated cameras. If you’re deciding between smartphone models, consider the device with the maximum number of megapixels (more pixels mean a sharper image), plus autofocus capability. Two great options that are currently widely available are the iPhone 5S (plus later models), and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Get your gear together
Great images require a little set-up, no matter what camera you use, so make sure you’ve prepared a location that makes it simple for you to arrange and shoot. Here are a few ideas:
• A table or pedestal allows you to position the product high enough for you to photograph it without crouching and bending.
• Choose a neutral backdrop – a sheet, wall, or piece of paper will do – to eliminate distracting background clutter.
• Keep lighting simple by setting up your shoot near a window. A set up like this will provide flattering, natural light. If that isn’t feasible for your products, a large lamp will do the trick too.
• Small, flexible tripods improve image stabilization – that is, keep your camera steady so your photos don’t end up blurry. Gorilla Pod and Spiderpodium, for example, do double-duty to prop your camera in tight spots as well as keeping it steady for shooting.
• Specialty external lenses that click right onto your phone can give you better zoom or framing, which is especially helpful if you’re photographing very small or wide items.

Find your preferred apps
Your smartphone camera takes fine photos on its own, but free or inexpensive apps (such as iPhone Camera+ and Android Camera Zoom FX) can take your work to the next level by boosting images or providing advanced shooting capabilities. Similarly, apps for photo-editing (a popular choice is Adobe Photoshop Express for Android and iPhone) allow you to vastly improve your images right on your phone screen – no need to upload them to a computer. Like what you shot? Consider sharing your photos via your business Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram accounts for additional exposure and marketing opportunities; let that great photo take the place of a thousand words!

The Bottom Line
Shooting product photos with your smartphone camera is fast, easy, convenient and inexpensive. Learning about its capabilities and setting yourself up with the right gear and accessories will help you get the most out of a tool you already own!