[Infographic] Transactional Email Best Practices for E-Commerce Businesses

Are you using transactional emails to reach out and engage with your customers? Don’t miss out on this tremendous marketing opportunity to increase engagement with your customers and grow sales. Here are three key benefits of transactional emails:

  • Increased customer confidence: When your customers regularly receive emails from you, not only does it build trust, but the likelihood of your emails being whitelisted and reaching their inbox is also much greater.
  • Branding Opportunity: These emails are just another opportunity to get your branding message across to your customers. Make sure your emails follow the same look and feel as your website for greater consistency.
  • Additional Sales: When customers receive emails about their recent purchases and see images of similar or related products in a transactional email, they are further encouraged to make an additional sale or visit your website to browse other products.

Read on to learn more about Transactional Email Best Practices. Can’t see the infographic? View it here (use your browser zoom to enlarge).


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