5 Tips To Promote Your Amazon Listings to Drive Sales

EW.com 570x300 Amazon 5 TipsSelling via Amazon is a relatively simple process, with the potential for great profits.  Still, if you aren’t seeing the numbers you were hoping for, you can take steps to promote your listings.  These 5 tips may help you get your listings noticed and your sales soaring.

Tip 1:  Price your products right.  Take the time to look at what other sellers are doing price-wise; look outside of Amazon, too.  It’s important for your pricing to be competitive, but also remember that your Amazon selling agreement includes a pricing parity clause that mandates your price can’t fall below that of other online channels.  Amazon’s Automate Pricing tool can help you find that sweet spot.

Tip 2:  Reap reviews.  When you send an email confirming an order, consider politely asking the buyer to leave a review.  Just make sure you aren’t sending emails purely soliciting reviews, or offering incentives for leaving feedback.  (See Tip 5 for how Amazon can help you solicit reviews within the marketplace’s guidelines.)

Tip 3: Advertise.  Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are pay-per-click promotions that highlight your listings within search results.  Amazon’s seller services can help you set up an effective campaign with its automatic targeting algorithm that identifies potential keywords that will bring searchers to your listing.

Tip 4:  Freshen up your listing.  If your products aren’t moving, maybe price isn’t to blame, but the listing itself.  Take a look at your title, copy and photography.  Perhaps you need to cut down on a heavy text paragraph and revise your product description to run as bullet points.  Does your photo show the product to its best advantage?  It may be time for a reshoot.

Tip 5:  Pounce on promotions.  Amazon Lightning Deals highlights limited-time discounted products, which can lead to not only more sales but more reviews that can help drive your future sales.  Another Amazon promotion, Early Reviews, helps you to garner that customer feedback via Amazon itself, which rewards a small gift card to randomly selected customers who leave you a review.  However, note that Early Reviews does not guarantee that reviews left for your product will be positive, so make sure your listings are thorough and products in their advertised condition before considering this option.

The Bottom Line
Your Amazon listings are only as effective as the traffic they attract.  These tips can help make your listings shine, stand out and get shoppers to click “buy” instead of clicking away.