Dimensional Weight Calculator Update for 2017

Different carriers calculate dimensional (DIM) weight according to their own specifications. This means that customers need to manage different formulas and evaluate base shipping rates when comparing costs between carriers. (As a reminder – DIM weight takes into account both physical size and weight of a package, plus the amount of space the package would […]

UPS Will Deliver Packages On Saturdays

Largely due to demand from online retailers and shoppers, Saturday delivery for UPS has already rolled out in some markets, and should reach half of the U.S. market this year. While previously UPS’s Saturday options had been limited to certain airborne and express parcels, competitors USPS and FedEx have offered wider Saturday (and Sunday) delivery […]

When To Use USPS Flat Rate Boxes

We’ve already covered the reasons why it’s important to only use USPS boxes for USPS shipping, and to use the correct box for the shipping method you choose. Now let’s take a look at the ins and outs of USPS Flat Rate boxes. When does it make sense to use Flat Rate for shipping? When […]

Free USPS Boxes: To Use or Not to Use?

As an e-commerce seller, you’re always looking for solutions that improve your bottom line. And when sturdy, free, self-sealing shipping boxes are as close as your local U.S. Post Office or online supplier, it may be tempting to take advantage of these resources. However, there are right and wrong ways to use USPS packaging. Here […]

7 Drop-Shipping Solutions for your E-Commerce Business

Drop-shipping allows you to sell products that are shipped directly by the manufacturer or another retailer. It’s a good option if you don’t manufacture your own products, lack the space or know-how for inventory and storage, or simply don’t have the time or interest in shipping and handling on your own. When you partner with […]

Proper Packaging To Prevent Product Loss

Most e-commerce businesses have experienced some form of product loss during shipping. In addition to losing business, customers can become frustrated and impatient waiting for a new and undamaged product to arrive. It is estimated that 1% of shipments shipped via UPS and FedEx are reported either lost or damaged. According to UPS, over 4.6 billion packages are shipped […]

Upcoming 2015 USPS Postage Rate Increase

The U.S. Postal Service will implement new postage rates in 2015 (Date: TBD) for several mail classes. Here is a quick look at what to expect once the changes take effect. Summary of Domestic 2015 USPS Postage Rate Updates First Class letters and postcards. The rate for a 1-ounce First Class letter will remain $0.49, […]

How to Calculate Dimensional Weight in 2015

If you sell large-but-light items or tend to use extra-large boxes for your shipments, you need to know about dimensional (DIM) weight – shipping rate based on package size, not weight – and how UPS Ground and FedEx Ground have modified their shipping rates in 2015 in accordance with DIM weight pricing. What is DIM […]

[Infographic] 2014 Guide to Holiday Shipping Carrier Changes & “Ship By” Schedules

The holiday season is about friends, family, parties, food, gifts, and for many ecommerce merchants, higher-than-normal sales. While multi-tasking is a large part of running an online store, it can get a little crazy when things ramp up in the months of November and December. No one wants an order or present to be late […]

5 Simple Tips To Address Shipping Delays

Shipping delays can and do occur. They’re frustrating for customers who are anxious to receive your products, and stressful for you as an e-commerce seller. The right kind of response from you is vital if you want to keep your customer happy – and, of course, you want the transaction to be positive to ensure […]