7 Tips To Sell Used Books On Amazon

Used Books Amazon 570x300Are your bookshelves overflowing? Do you frequent yard or estate sales? If so, you may be well positioned to sell used books on Amazon.com. Prepare for the secondhand bookselling business by paying attention to these details about setting up your shop and sales.

  • Register to be a used book seller. Amazon makes it easy to start listing your used books right away. Simply register on the Amazon Seller Central page, and you’re ready to begin listing and managing your inventory.
  • Collect your stock wisely. This is easy if you’re culling your own shelves, but if you’re looking for other sources of used books for reselling, be sure not to pay too much for them. Look for thrift shops or garage sales that sell books by the bag or by the pound; if you choose to pay more for a volume, do your homework first to see how much in demand it is on Amazon so you can maximize your profits.
  • Look to wholesalers. Wholesale booksellers may also be a good source of stock for your Amazon shop. Be aware you may have to place a minimum amount in order for the numbers to work in your favor.
  • Do your research. Have a copy of Harry Potter to sell? So do hundreds of other Amazon sellers. Go ahead and list it, but understand that wildly popular volumes may be too plentiful to be desirable on the used book circuit. Similarly, some topical publications may not be updated enough or of general interest except as a curiosity or prop, so think twice about listing that 2006 guide to Walt Disney World or a manual for an obsolete computer. A shortcut to this information can be found on every Amazon book listing that contains offers of used books; just click on the “Hardback” or “Used” listings or the “Have one to sell?” message.
  • Don’t price yourself out. If you’re selling the same used book as other Amazon sellers, take a look at the high and low price points for the same volume. While you may not want to list yours at a higher price, don’t automatically meet the lowest price, either. Many shoppers are looking for that midpoint instead of the hardest bargain.
  • Consider condition carefully. When you list your books, be ruthless in evaluating its condition. Bent pages and markings may not affect desirability or pricing as long as you’re upfront about describing your books’ condition accurately.
  • Ship speedily. Don’t delay in fulfilling your orders. Consistently positive customer feedback will help highlight your Amazon used book shop for the browsers of the future.