Etsy: A to Z Guide to Selling

Feeling crafty? You’re not alone! There’s never been a more enthusiastic market for all things creative, handmade or repurposed – and if creativity is your business, Etsy is your marketplace. Launched in 2005, Etsy aims to “bring heart to commerce” with a fun, friendly interface for an estimated 40 million visitors each month. As a result, crafters, artists, artisans and resellers have flocked to Etsy; total merchandise sales in 2012 are poised to reach $1 billion! An Etsy business proves that a creative mindset can be a fabulous business asset.

150x150_EW.com_What Products Can You Sell On EtsyUnderstanding What Products You Can Sell On Etsy
For handcrafted and vintage items, Etsy is the place to sell – as long as you’re mindful of what’s allowed and what isn’t. Understand how Etsy classifies your creations before you begin to list those unique pieces.

150x150_Understanding-Etsy-Seller-FeesUnderstanding Etsy Seller Fees
Etsy may be a hotbed of creativity, but its listing fees are practical and clearcut. Take a moment to learn about listing fees and renewals, as well as fees for transactions, advertising and payment processing. More info on Etsy seller fees.

150x150_EtsyShopOpening Your Etsy Store
Creative people love Etsy, and setting up a shop is a snap. Find out how quickly you can be showcasing your collections and creations, and ways to make your shop stand apart from the competition. More info about setting up an Etsy store.

150x150_EW_Images_How To Ship Your Etsy ProductsHow To Ship Your Etsy Products
Ready, set, ship! Get your products in the hands of your customers without worry, hassle or questions with these handy tips for moving your merchandise to its destination. More info about shipping your Etsy products.

Expanding Your Etsy Business With International Shipping
Being a small business doesn’t have to mean a small customer base! Learn how PayPal makes payments easy, and how First-Class Mail International is an affordable way to ship worldwide. More info on expanding your Etsy business internationally.