Liquidation Tips for Your Slow Moving eBay Stock

570ebay stockSlow-moving stock got you down? You’re not alone. Even after the busy holiday period, you and other eBay sellers may be lamenting the robust inventory you weren’t expecting to have to manage, market or store.

Once three months pass for new products and six months for used, you need to start thinking about how to move that inventory to help move your business forward. Here are some tips about lightening your load.

  • Visit Seller Hub to get a list of stale merchandise. Not only will you know what you have yet to sell, but you can analyze why products get views but no action, and consider future steps.
  • Hold an inventory clearance sale. Once January hits, buyers actively seek out deep discounts. Put together an attention-getting promotion to make that slow-moving stock fly off your actual or virtual shelf. eBay’s Promotions Manager allows you both easy price reductions and greater exposure to eBay shoppers.
  • Use social media, email and promoted listings for visibility and to create buzz. Create links directly from your posts, and tease in more views with discount codes just for your followers.
  • Promote your listing. Particularly if you’re facing large quantities of the same stale items, setting up an ad can elevate your visibility by at least a third – and best of all, you’ll only pay for the boost once an item sells.
  • Donate to charity. Your slow-moving stock could be a blessing for someone in need. Your donation may get you a tax deduction, but consider too the benefits of ridding yourself of stock that might be holding you and your store back. If you find it hard to let these things go, just think about the shiny new products you can stock to replace the old ones.

The Bottom Line
When it comes to your eBay business, looking forward will benefit you more than looking back. Liquidating your existing stock will help open you up to grand new ventures in the coming months!