When To Use USPS Flat Rate Boxes

EW.com When To Use Flat Rate Boxes 570x300We’ve already covered the reasons why it’s important to only use USPS boxes for USPS shipping, and to use the correct box for the shipping method you choose. Now let’s take a look at the ins and outs of USPS Flat Rate boxes. When does it make sense to use Flat Rate for shipping?

  • When you’re shipping via USPS. Remember, it’s illegal to use free USPS boxes of any type if you choose to ship via a competitor. Not only do you run the risk of having the infraction reported and being subject to a fine, but misusing these resources can result in increased USPS charges for everyone. Just be sure to use Flat Rate only for qualifying shipments (more about that below).
  • For letters, documents, manuscripts, gift cards and other flat items. USPS offers Flat Rate envelopes in a variety of sizes to accommodate these items, making it cost efficient to use these products.
  • For larger items that fit inside Flat Rate boxes. USPS Flat Rate boxes range in size from small (to hold items such as brochures and small electronics), medium (with top- or side-loading options for items such as shoeboxes) and large (accommodates items such as laptop computers and boxed toys). USPS even offers a Large Flat Rate Board Game box, specially designed to hold large, long and flat items.
  • For sending items to the troops. If you’re shipping to someone serving our country, consider the APO/FPO/DPO Flat Rate box. The mentions are the same as the Large Flat Rate Box, but the cost is slightly lower.

The Bottom Line
As long as whatever you’re sending is under 70 pounds, Flat Rate envelopes and boxes are a convenient way to pay for and ship a variety of items. While faster shipping options may exist for your needs, Flat Rate can help you streamline your packing and shipping by taking the guesswork out of your costs, both for your customers’ information and your own profits.