4 Unique Ideas To Grow Holiday Sales

EW.com 4 Unique Ideas To Grow Holiday Sales 570x300With 2014 overall holiday sales slated to bump up several percentage points over last year, e-commerce sellers like you are looking for ways to make sure those profits are yours, not your competitors’. Finding creative, inexpensive and personalized ways to promote your store and products can boost your numbers and set you apart from similar sellers. Try the following ideas this holiday season to help grow your sales even further.

  1. Presentation can be everything. Most gifters love to present a nicely wrapped package, so consider offering gift-wrapping as one of your services, either as an add-on or free service to all shoppers during the holiday season. The key is to make the outside of the gift as impressive as the inside, so use your creativity to devise wrapping that gets noticed. Not only does distinctive packaging impress the gift recipient, but it also leaves a lasting impression of your store with your customers – which could bring them back for more. Carefully analyze your products’ dimensions and fragility, and be on the lookout for appropriate boxes, fillers and wrapping materials that will help your shipments stand out.
  2. Strut your store’s stuff via video. A short, clever video speaks volumes about you as a seller and your products, and it is a high-impact marketing tool without a hefty price tag. Think about what in your shop may resonate visually with your shoppers, then capture it on film. A clever, timely video shows shoppers your site is current and that you’re as tuned into the holiday shopping season as they are.
  3. Put Pinterest to work for you. Pinterest is climbing the ranks as a powerful social commerce tool, so make sure you’re getting everything you can out of your store’s Pinterest account. Consider hosting contests for free merchandise, using rich pins – enhanced pins with shopping information embedded in them – and making sure your product photos are easily pinnable. Remember, every re-Pin is a potential sale!
  4. Let your products inspire great content. Blog posts, social media activity and emails can showcase your products, publicize deals and specials, and generate conversations among your followers and fans. Don’t shy away from sharing the next big thing with your email subscribers, and when others promote your products, return the favor by linking back to their blogs and social media accounts.

The Bottom Line
You don’t need a big-box budget to have noticeable growth in views – and sales. A few innovative promotion ideas can make a strong impact on your e-commerce site’s numbers this holiday season!