Liquidation Tips for Your Slow Moving eBay Stock

Slow-moving stock got you down? You’re not alone. Even after the busy holiday period, you and other eBay sellers may be lamenting the robust inventory you weren’t expecting to have to manage, market or store. Once three months pass for new products and six months for used, you need to start thinking about how to […]

2016 eBay Fall Seller Update

If you are selling on eBay, be sure to educate yourself on changes taking effect this fall and into 2017. While some features will be available to you as early as October, others are in the works and expected to roll out next year. Here’s a quick look at what’s new. Structured Data helps refine […]

What You Need to Know About eBay’s On-Time Shipping Metric

Effective February 20, 2016, eBay rolled out the new On-Time Shipping Metric, the marketplace’s new and more objective seller performance standards.  These changes will both help and protect sellers when dealing with unexpected shipping problems.  Here’s what you need to know. On-Time Shipping Basics Instead of buyer feedback, seller ratings and undelivered item requests factoring […]

The Final Markdown: Boosting Holiday and End of the Year Sales Using Markdowns

Well isn’t this an exciting time of year for us online sellers! The holidays hustle and bustle is officially here and 2015 is almost over, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to give our eBay stores a strong sales boost before starting our preparations for 2016. One of the most powerful techniques to increase traffic […]

eBay’s 2015 Fall Seller Update

If you sell on eBay, you need to be aware of certain changes taking effect this fall in the areas of Returns, the new Seller Hub and Standards. Here’s a look at what to expect. Returns eBay Sellers will continue to have the choice of handling returns on their own or via eBay’s automated returns […]

eBay Raises Shipping Caps on Media: What You Need to Know

Do you sell media on eBay? Here’s a heads-up that the marketplace has raised its shipping caps in some media categories, and what you as a seller need to know about the changes. The Basics eBay first set media shipping caps in 2008, explaining that the limits were fair and in line with e-commerce competition. […]

Packages Not Delivered By eBay’s Global Shipping Program

eBay’s Global Shipping Program gives e-commerce sellers access to buyers worldwide, with tools that make it simple to sell internationally by shipping via a U.S. center. This means once you ship the package to the eBay warehouse, eBay reships it to the international destination and manages all customs forms, duties and taxes for you. This convenience […]

Using eBay’s Seller Dashboard To Track Your Positioning

As of August 20, 2014, eBay’s updated seller standards are in effect, including a brand new seller dashboard. Designed to display status for current and future evaluation cycles, the new dashboard can pinpoint where your account needs some fine-tuning, plus highlight what you’re doing right. From sales amounts and history to closed cases without seller […]

eBay’s 2014 Spring Seller Update

There are several big updates for eBay sellers this spring. While these updates may require changes to your normal routine, they are designed to keep your buyers engaged and coming back to your shop. What’s in store? Read on to learn more. Rewards for great service. When you provide outstanding service, eBay will reward you with […]

Advertise Your eBay Store with BannerPlay’s Boost Sales App!

As an eBay seller, you have learned how to craft your marketing and selling techniques when it comes to promoting your store. Do you sometimes find yourself reaching a ceiling, whether it be after exhausting auction-style and fixed price listings, or using the marketing tools links in ‘My eBay’ to their fullest potential? If your […]