PayPal: The Basics of Collecting Payments for E-Commerce Sales

One of the most popular online payment processors today, PayPal provides a simple and hassle-free method for online retailers to accept payments from customers globally, without having to pay any set-up fees or enter into contract agreements. PayPal Basics: What Type of Services Can You Expect For Your Business At its core, PayPal opens up […]

Choosing A PayPal Payment Solution For Your Business

There are many advantages of using PayPal as a payment processor for your online business, including the ability to access funds quickly, keeping credit card merchant costs under control, providing an optimal customer experience, fraud protection, & more. Moreover, PayPal offers three business plans that online retailers can choose from, depending on the features they […]

Using PayPal Shipping To Ship Items Not Sold On eBay

If you sell on eBay, you already know how convenient it is to accept PayPal payments and use PayPal Shipping to print labels and ship your items. However, what happens if you sell on Amazon or other sites that don’t accept PayPal payments? Luckily for small business owners, it is fairly simple to print a […]