Social Commerce: How to Sell Using Social Media

Leverage your selling power with social media! Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets do more than keep people in touch – they’ve opened up a whole new world of marketing and purchasing for e-commerce businesses. Nowadays, it’s more popular and easier than ever to integrate with your social media accounts, which saves steps for the buyer, introduces new marketing techniques and attracts customers. Learn how social commerce can bring an exciting new edge to your business and increase sales. 150x150Social Media Marketing Tips for Your E-Commerce Business
Social Media – It isn’t just for downtime anymore. Find out how to leverage its power for your e-commerce business, connect with customers and grow your sales! More info on Social Media Marketing Tips for Your E-Commerce Business.

150x150_SocialBeaconSocial Beacon: Social Media Marketing Tool for Online Sellers
What is Social Media Marketing and is it suitable for your e-commerce business? Learn about new marketing tools, such as Social Beacon, that promotes products across multiple platforms and saves you time. More info on Social Beacon.

150x150_EW_SocialCommerceSocial Commerce: How It Can Impact Your Bottom Line
Buying products online via  a social network may not be taking the e-commerce world by storm yet – but the tides could be changing for your small business. Find out why. More info on Social Commerce and how it can impact your bottom line.

FB Marketing_150x1504 Useful Tips for Marketing on Facebook
Have you used Facebook as a marketing tool to promote your e-commerce business? Follow these tips to use Facebook to attract more visitors to your business page and generate more sales. More info on Marketing on Facebook.

150x150 Facebook AdsHow To Create Facebook Ads For Your E-Commerce Business
Looking for new ways to advertise? Consider Facebook ads, which can be a simple and cost-effective advertising option for e-commerce business owners. More info on creating Facebook ads.

Instagram 150x1503 Tips to Grow Sales Using Instagram
If you aren’t marketing on Instagram already, now’s the time to start. Make the most of the social media site’s popularity and posting options to gain followers and grow sales. More info on how to grow sales using Instagram. Tips To Increase Customer Engagement on Pinterest
Have you brought Pinterest into your e-commerce social media marketing mix? Here are tips to showcase products, engage with customers and potentially grow sales via pins. More info on how to increase customer engagement on Pinterest.

199117_EcommerceWeekly-4-Ways-to-Boost-Your-E-Commerce-Sales-Using-YouTube_150x1504 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales Using YouTube
Video is a great way to showcase your products, and an effective addition to your marketing mix. Find out how to get the most out of YouTube marketing, and how to get your videos noticed. More info on how to boost your sales using YouTube.

mobile-ecommerce_150x150[Infographic] How Mobile Commerce Is Transforming The Retail Industry
While online shopping is still very popular on personal computers, more and more people are using their mobile devices to complete their purchases.  More info on how smartphones and tablets have transformed the retail industry.