4 Conversion Killers E-Commerce Sellers Should Watch Out For

Conversion Killers 570x300Your site stats show you’re getting visitors. So why aren’t you getting sales to match? If this sounds like your e-commerce site, you’re not alone. Many online stores struggle with converting browsers to buyers, but understanding the major “conversion killers” can help you find ways to turn browsers into customers.

Killer #1: Bad site design. Make shopping on your site easy and pleasurable for your visitors with products that are easy to find and categorize. Arrange your listings carefully so shoppers can easily browse, and be sure your overall site theme is easy to navigate. Remember, purchasing a product should always be no more than 3 clicks from your home page!

Killer #2: Not describing your products effectively. Strong copy creates the emotional tug that urges customers to buy. Careful attention to grammar and spelling promote your store as professional and trustworthy, and using strong words that focus on product benefits provide the information customers need in order to make a decision.

Killer #3: Poor photography. Your photos should clearly represent your actual products. Pay attention to lighting, shadows and photo quality. There are many resources – in person and online – available, not to mention simple trial-and-error, for improving your product photography and final images, whether you’re using a smartphone, point-and-shoot camera or DSLR.

Killer #4: Customers don’t know and trust you – yet. You’re inviting shoppers into your e-commerce site, so make sure they get to know you in the process. A compelling About page, customer testimonials, links to press coverage, product reviews, clear-cut payment and shipping information, and easy-to-find contact information are all non-negotiable site features when you’re an e-commerce seller.

To recap:

Conversion Killer Table

The Bottom Line
If your marketing efforts have resulted in traffic to your site, take the next step by converting those visitors into customers, by avoiding the pitfalls discussed above.