5 Steps To Get Your E-Commerce Business Mobile Ready

570x300 5 Steps Mobile ReadyGreat products? Check. Clearcut policies? Check. Effective website? Check. Compelling copy? Check. You’ve hit all the marks for your e-commerce store – or have you? If you haven’t considered mobile shopping, now is the time to get your e-commerce business mobile ready.

Did you know that recent research indicates that almost four-fifths of mobile searches for local business information result in purchases? With incredible purchasing power literally in the palms of most shoppers, if you aren’t mobile-ready already, it’s time to catch up. Find out how to get your e-commerce business mobile-ready in these 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Optimize your site for mobile searching. Now is the time to make sure that your e-commerce site is optimized for mobile search. How can you do this? Use Hummingbird queries so shoppers can get to your site faster when they search for your products. Also, ensure that the design of your e-commerce site is optimized for mobile search to allow for a smooth overall experience, including the checkout process.

Step 2: Weigh the pros and cons of an optimized website vs. an app. Both have their benefits. Apps look slick and are easy for shoppers to use, but accessing them requires tablet and phone users to take the extra step of downloading them from an app store. Regular sites, on the other hand, avoid that extra step, but they can be unwieldy to view and use without being optimized for mobile. If you choose not to create an app, be sure your design is conversion-ready – that is, easy to browse, navigate and – most important of all – purchase via multiple platforms.

Step 3: Remember “Mobile Friday” and “Cyber Monday.” November seems far away, but start planning for the biggest shopping season of the year now and how you can sweeten your deals with promotions and coupons. “Black Friday” is increasingly becoming known as “Mobile Friday”. Last year on Mobile Friday, nearly 40% of purchases occurred via a mobile device.

Step 4: Pay attention to your mobile checkout system. Shoppers enjoy browsing via mobile, but some find it hard to pull the purchase trigger because checking out on a mobile device is often cumbersome. Offering options via mobile such as PayPal or Google Checkout can be helpful, as more and more shoppers feel comfortable storing their information with these established services.

Step 5: Keep shoppers engaged via strategic segmentation. Once you know shoppers are visiting you via mobile devices, keep them interested. Offer promotions throughout the month, and pay attention to shoppers who haven’t returned for a repeat purchase. These customers may require extra attention through a targeted promotion. Don’t forget the old standbys of social media marketing and email – make sure your subscribers and followers know just how easy it is to buy your products from their mobile devices.

The Bottom Line
More and more, shoppers are turning to mobile devices when the urge to shop strikes. These tips can help prepare your site for mobile shoppers – and keep this segment of customers engaged time and again!