4 Ideas To Make Your Emails Stand Out

205432_EcommerceWeekly-4-Ideas-To-Make-Your-Emails-Stand-OutEven in this age of social media, email remains one of the most powerful marketing channels in the e-commerce world, with significant return on investment. With email, you’re contacting customers via their most personal, distraction-free online environment. The key, of course, is to make sure you’re using email the right way. Here are four tips to make your emails get noticed.

Tip #1: Let social media inspire you. If your social media accounts have garnered you some good reviews or customer service feedback, don’t hesitate to use that content in your emails. Social proof elements help underscore that your customers like and buy your products. Weave positive comments into the text of your email, or take a screen shot of them and add it as a photo to your message.

Tip #2: Leverage a routine message to inform and connect with customers. If you’re sending an email announcing that a package is on the way or her shopping cart is still available, your customer is paying attention. Take advantage of that attention by building education, entertainment or conversation starters in your message. For example, if the shipped order is a pearl necklace, consider including a few fast facts about caring for and cleaning pearls. Another idea: include a clickable link that the buyer can use to easily leave a review for your store.

Tip #3: Create a sense of scarcity, exclusivity and/or urgency. Hook your customers with a subject line that’s irresistible! Language like “Limited-time discount!” and “Today only!” drive buying and appeal to impulse shoppers and careful consumers alike. Specific information such as “Act now – only 2 in stock!” and “Last chance for guaranteed Christmas shipping!” are also extremely effective. Bump this practice up another level by phrasing the email as a “Personal invitation” or “Secret code just for repeat shoppers!”

Tip #4: Send a friendly check-in message. Ostensibly, this is a chance to reconnect on a personal level with a past customer. But realistically, it presents a great opportunity to use all of the tips above without a firm excuse to contact them. For example: “Hi, Megan! I hope you loved the vintage poplin sundress you ordered in June. Did you know I have a new collection of 1950s clothing available? I hope you’ll check it out; the selection is marvelous and my customers are snapping them up! Click here to check out what’s available; the selection is marvelous and my customers are snapping them up!”

The Bottom Line
Every email is a chance to inform, connect with, inspire and motivate buyers, so use these tips to craft every message to your store’s best advantage.