3 Ways to Prepare Your E-Commerce Store for Mother’s Day

189392_EW_Images_MothersDayStore_MastheadMother’s Day is almost here! Shoppers everywhere are looking for the perfect gifts for Mom – And don’t forget all the shoppers who will be searching for gifts for their wives, grandmothers, as well as the other mother figures in their lives! It’s little wonder that Mother’s Day is one of the biggest e-commerce shopping holidays – second only to Christmas, according to some sources.

How can your e-commerce store leverage the buzz around Mother’s Day? Here are three easy steps to be prepared!

1. List your big Mother’s Day sellers in its own category. Do your research and find out what your customers are shopping for this Mother’s Day. List all these items in a separate Mother’s Day Gifts category and draw attention to it with a cool graphic or by placing it near the top of your product category list. This will help your shoppers find your big Mother’s Day seller items quickly. Even if your products don’t typically fall into the Mother’s Day Gifts category, use your research to appeal to your shoppers. For example, you may not sell flowers, but perhaps you sell note-cards with flowers designs on them?

2. Put together deals for Mom. Look at your product line and figure out how to make certain items even more attractive to Mother’s Day shoppers. Offer a discount and display it prominently on the front page of your site; for example, “One-third off vintage purses for Mom”. Even if your shoppers were not necessarily looking for vintage purses to begin with, this could sway them towards that particular gift idea. (Keep in mind that some mothers prefer shopping for themselves. Think about targeting this group with a month-long “just for moms” promotion!)

3. It’s a great time to reach out to your customers. Whether you use email marketing or tap into your social media accounts, Mother’s Day is a great excuse to connect with customers personally. Most shoppers will appreciate both the reminder and the gift ideas! Don’t forget content marketing – create a blog post with key phrases like “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” or “Mom will love these monogrammed pendants!”

The Bottom Line
There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, and you’re helping your customers by making the process as hassle-free as possible. Doing a little bit of prep and planning now has the potential for a big payoff!