Top Rated Seller Webinars – 2012 Recorded Presentations


85x85_laura-messerschmitt 10 Financial Tips for a Blockbuster Year-End 2012
December 12, 2012

Learn about best practices to close out the year 2012 and welcome 2013.. We will cover current issues of importance such as the impending fiscal cliff, changes in costs of shipping, etc. Presented by Outright. Watch video
85x85_sandi-garcia Pinterest for eBay Sellers
November 15, 2012

Learn how to use Pinterest, the fastest growing social media site in history, to grow your eBay business. You’ll get a brief overview of what Pinterest is,what makes a good pinner, but most importantly how you can use it to promote your eBay business. Presented by “Social Sandi” Garcia. Watch video
85x85_thriftingwithboys Holidays Tips from Thrifting with the Boys
October 4, 2012

Have you ever wondered which holiday items sell best during the holidays? Did you know that there are Xmas CDs that sell for $50? Learn everything about successfully thrifting holiday items on the cheap all year. Then dive into exactly when and how to list them on eBay. Watch video
85x85_danni-ackerman You Sell WHAT on eBay? How to Know What to List
September 26, 2012

Watch Danni Ackerman talk about how to develop your own niche and to grow your sales. Whether you are developing a niche for the first time, or reaching outside your comfort zone to grow your sales, Danni will teach you how to succeed. Watch video
85x85_matt-brossard Five Fast Fixes to Increase Your eBay Profits
July 10, 2012

Learn five easy ways to improve your profits selling on eBay through automated research. We’ll also provide a few listing tips, and review simple ways to streamline your business for profit! Presented by Terapeak Watch video
85x86_chris-taylor Branding Your eBay Business
June 28, 2012

The e-commerce competition is fiercer than ever.  In this power-packed webinar, you’ll learn: What is a brand? Why is it important? How do you evaluate your brand? How do you develop your brand? Watch video
85x84_john-lawson 5 Easy Steps to Build Your Ecommerce Social Media Program
May 17, 2012

Learn the basic components of a social media program and how they work together to capture and convert more sales. Presented by John Lawson, voted #1 Savviest in Social Media by StartupNation. Watch video
85x86_lisa-suttora SmartSourcing: Source the Products eBay Buyers Want
April 25, 2012

Your product line is the engine of your business! E-commerce strategist Lisa Suttora shares five key product sourcing strategies for expanding your business on eBay. Find out what today’s consumers want and how to leverage multiple sourcing channels for product line expansion. Watch video
How to Use Working Capital to Grow Your Online Business
March 29, 2012

Successful businesses require money to grow. Whether it’s purchasing more inventory, buying equipment to run your business, increasing your advertising efforts, or hiring staff. Learn how to use working capital to grow your online business. Watch video
Best Practices for Best Match, presented by eBay
February 22, 2012

Watch this recording to learn how eBay sellers can optimize their listings for the greatest success in search through an understanding of eBay’s Best Match. Presented by Julie Netzloff, Sr. Product Manager for eBay’s Search Sciences Team. Watch video
Get Ready, eBay Sellers: Tax Laws Have Changed
January 19, 2012

New tax laws this year are affecting eBay sellers. Learn about common tax deductions, the new tax laws, 1099-K forms, and tips for getting your taxesprepared with as little hassle as possible. Presented by executives from Outright along with Diane Kennedy, CPA and top tax strategist. Watch video