How to Sell on Amazon: A to Z Guide

Do you like shopping on Then you may just love selling on Amazon too! That’s right­ – you can easily sell your wares on the site that touts itself as “where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.” Imagine tens of millions of shoppers—many of whom do virtually all their online shopping on Amazon—seeing your merchandise come up in an Amazon product search! Getting started couldn’t be easier; once you set up a Seller Profile, you’re ready to go. From books to housewares, to music to clothing and almost every kind of merchandise in between, Amazon could be the ideal platform for your e-business.

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New Amazon Sellers

Don’t know where to start? Learn how to create an account and start selling on Amazon.

How to Sell on AmazonHow To Create An Amazon Seller Account
Become an seller in just a few clicks! Learn the benefits of selling on the popular site and the information you’ll need to establish your e-business. More info on creating an Amazon seller account.

Understanding Amazon Seller Pricing Plans
Amazon offers different types of accounts depending on the type of seller you are. Compare the benefits of the Individual and Professional Seller Plans and decide which is right for you. More info on understanding Amazon seller pricing plans.

How to Set Up Your Seller Profile in Amazon
Your store settings are the first step in developing a relationship with Amazon buyers. Discover the four areas that every Amazon Seller needs to provide and why they’re so important. More info on setting up your Amazon seller profile.

How to Prepare Product Info to Sell on Amazon
Get your wares ready to sell on Amazon! Here’s how to obtain Product Identifier Numbers, create Product Attributes and understand the Amazon Classification System. More info on preparing your product info to sell on Amazon.

How to List Your Products on Amazon
4 listing options on Amazon allow you to choose the method that’s most effective and convenient. Learn about your selling history, product type and whether using an app or program is right for you. More info on listing your products on Amazon.

Understanding the Amazon Shipping Credit
Before you list items on Amazon, understand how much of a shipping credit you’ll receive on items sold. Because Amazon incorporates shipping costs into listing prices, you should set prices accordingly. More info on Amazon’s shipping credit.

Six Important Tips For New Sellers On Am150x150_Six_Imp_Tips_Amazonazon
Selling on Amazon can be a challenging proposition for new sellers! You need to know all the rules, be prepared for unforeseen circumstances and transact professionally. Sell confidently with these six handy tips for new Amazon sellers.

235252_EcommerceWeekly.com_Selling-On-Amazon_150x1506 Pitfalls to Avoid When You’re Selling on Amazon
Selling on is simple and can be profitable but you need to follow the rules. Amazon is strict with its policies for sellers, so make sure to avoid these pitfalls. More info on 6 pitfalls to avoid when you’re an Amazon seller.

7 Tips To Sell Used Books On Amazon235252_EcommerceWeekly.com_Selling-On-Amazon_150x150
Selling used books on Amazon is easier than you may think.  Follow these steps to start your own used bookshop on the marketplace.  More info and tips on how to sell used books on Amazon.

Advanced Amazon Sellers

Already a veteran on Amazon? Learn how to grow your sales on Amazon. 150x150 Amazon 5 Tips5 Tips To Promote Your Amazon Listings
Are your Amazon listings getting the clicks – and sales – they deserve?  Here’s how you can boost your Amazon listings’ visibility.  More info on tips to promote your Amazon listings.

10 Tips to Grow Sales on Amazon 150x150Ten Tips to Grow Sales on Amazon
If you are selling on Amazon, it pays to make your listing stand out. Here are 10 tips to help you get your products noticed and grow your sales. More info on tips to grow your Amazon sales.

Five Tips to Maintain a Strong Seller Feedback Rating on Amazon_150x150Five Tips to Maintain a Strong Seller Feedback Rating On Amazon
Seller feedback can make or break your Amazon selling experience. Find out how to prevent, approach, deal with and remove negative feedback with these five tips. More info on maintaining a strong seller feedback rating on Amazon.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Is Fulfillment by Amazon a good choice for your business? Learn more. 4 Steps To Get Started With Amazon FBA 150x1504 Steps To Get Started With Fulfillment By Amazon
Ready to start selling via Fulfillment by Amazon? Here are a few steps you should take before signing on and listing your products. More info on getting started with Amazon’s FBA program.

194701_3-Mistakes-to-Avoid-When-Using-Fulfillment-By-Amazon_150x150Three Mistakes to Avoid When Using Fulfillment By Amazon
This option can save you the time and hassle associated with shipping, handling and storing inventory. Find out how to avoid common mistakes to use the service to your best advantage. More info on frequent mistakes around Amazon’s FBA service.

Amazon News and Updates

Learn about Amazon updates that may impact your selling strategy. DIM Amazon FBA 150x150How DIM Weight Pricing Will Impact Amazon’s FBA Fees in 2015
If you’re an Amazon seller, here’s information to keep in mind about the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program fees in 2015, and changes with DIM weight pricing in particular.  More info on FBA fee changes.[Infographic] Amazon Turns 20!
Launched 20 years ago, Amazon has grown to become one of the largest online marketplaces in the world today!  Learn about Amazon’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezoz and how he started the company.  More info on Amazon’s 20 year journey.

150x150_EW Amazon's Missing Images UpdateAmazon’s Missing Images Update
If you thought having a main image on Amazon listings wasn’t important, think again! Amazon has changed its policies about main listing photos, from searchability to composition to content. More on Amazon’s Missing Images Update.