5 Tips to Write an Effective Welcome Email

5 Tips 570x300 Welcome EmailMany e-commerce sellers find email marketing to be a simple, quick and cost-effective way to promote their stores, and the best way to start is with a welcome message that draws in shoppers, introduces your products, and encourages them to browse and buy. Make your own welcome message grab the attention of your customers and stand out from the competition by keeping these 5 tips in mind.

Tip 1: Pay attention to all the elements of your welcome message. Start with your subject line, which ideally should identify the name of your store and include an appealing reason for shoppers to click. For example, a store selling handmade pottery might have the following as a subject line: “A Special Offer to Welcome You to Anne’s Pottery Creations.” Carefully craft the body of your message to reflect the points of your subject line, include eye-catching photos or graphics if possible, and be meticulous about grammar and spelling.

Tip 2: Use video to communicate your brand and your welcome message. Video gives another dimension to your store’s image, providing a side of your store that isn’t always evident using words alone. If you send a video in your welcome email, embed it into your message so the reader can view it right away, ideally without leaving their email program.

Tip 3: Include links for different product segments. If you sell different types of products, make it easy for shoppers to click on what they’re most interested in right from your welcome message. Either via text or embedded graphics, create direct links to product segments; for example, if you sell women’s shoes, have prominent links to “Office,” “Weekend” and “Evening” styles.

Tip 4: Build trust by making unsubscribing easy. Obviously your primary goal is to engage shoppers and make them look forward to your emails. Still, some shoppers prefer to control the number of emails they receive, or opt out altogether. In your message, warmly welcome customers, then also place an Email Preferences or Opt Out link. Let the recipient know that you value their feelings about email with this kind of language: “We’re anxious to get to know you, but on your terms. To control what emails you receive from Tim’s Toys, click here.”

Tip 5: Keep it real. E-commerce sellers have a unique opportunity to connect on a personal level with their customers. Your welcome message is the perfect opportunity to set the tone for a satisfying seller-buyer relationship. Your tone will come through your emails if you model your email text on the kind of conversation you would have face-to-face with a customer browsing in your store. Here’s an example: “Welcome to Laura’s Vintage Clothing. I created the kind of shop I always wanted to find but never did: a place where I could be sure to come across one-of-a-kind items, plus the expertise to help guide my purchasing decisions. My goal is for you to find exactly that with every visit.”

The Bottom Line
You have only one chance to make a great first impression – so don’t let this one slip by. Your welcome message can go a long way toward drawing in shoppers if you follow the tips above. If customers like your welcome message, they’ll be more receptive to other communications – and clicking the “buy” button!