How To Create Facebook Ads For Your E-Commerce Business

Want to tap into Facebook’s billion-plus monthly active users to promote your e-commerce business? Consider Facebook ads. They’re less expensive than you may have thought, simple to create and often provide a very favorable return for your investment vs. other types of web-based advertising. Your Facebook ad can target specific demographic groups, run as frequently as […]

3 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement on Pinterest

If you’ve recently planned a party, checked out fall fashion trends or looked for gluten-free pumpkin pie recipes, you may already be acquainted with Pinterest. Now, find out how and why to optimize Pinterest – the third most popular social networking site in the world, with a 145% increase in users since 2012 alone – […]

4 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales Using YouTube

Have you added video to your e-commerce site’s marketing mix? If not, the time may be right to start. Video adds a new dimension to your store, providing a unique and personal view of product information, store background and your personal insights. With tools like your smartphone and YouTube at your fingertips, video can be […]

3 Tips to Grow Sales Using Instagram

Instagram is rapidly approaching Facebook and Twitter levels in social media popularity. Instead of providing real-time updates via words, users post photos with short captions and hashtags – it’s literally a snapshot in time. And for e-commerce site owners, Instagram can be a highly effective advertising channel to showcase products and engage customers. Here are […]

4 Useful Tips for Marketing on Facebook

How many times a day do you check your Facebook page? That many? You’re not alone. And that’s good news if you’re an e-commerce seller. Now, more than ever, e-commerce sellers are leveraging Facebook’s power to promote their products. How can you market effectively via Facebook? Here are four quick tips. Create a Facebook page […]

Social Media Marketing Tips for Your E-Commerce Business

How do you spend your time online? If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably spending 16 minutes out of every hour surfing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social media sites. That’s almost 27% of daily online time! Getting Started If you haven’t already, it’s time to leverage the power of social media for your […]

Social Beacon: Social Media Marketing Tool for Online Sellers

What’s All This Fuss About Social Marketing? … And How Do Online Marketplace Sellers Get Started? We have heard various numbers about the size and growth of social networks. According to Experian Marketing Services, Internet users spend 27% of their time on social networking. We all know over 1 billion people use Facebook. And Pinterest […]

Social Commerce: How It Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Social media and e-commerce … it sounds like a match made in online heaven. What could be more enticing to the socially plugged-in than shopping from a storefront right on Facebook? But social commerce didn’t draw in hordes of customers as the experts predicted. After a dismal 2012, many major brands shuttered their Facebook shops; indeed, […]