Shipping with the USPS

Convenient, constant and cost-effective, the USPS offers sellers a wide variety of shipping options at every price point and delivery time-frame. Whether you use your local post office or online postage services or a combination, you’re sure to find just the right solutions for safe shipping domestically or internationally, for products big, small and everywhere in between.

Shipping War150x150New Study Shows USPS Offers Significant Cost Savings Over Competition
A new study unveiled some surprising shipping statistics about the major U.S. shipping carriers, that might change your shipping practices. More info on the shipping study.

dim-weight2Understanding USPS Dimensional (DIM) Weight Charges
Shipping costs are not always based on the package weight and the distance it is traveling. For bigger, lightweight packages, shipping rates may be calculated using Dimensional Weight instead. More info on how to calculate USPS DIM Weight.

173005_EW_Understanding-USPS-Balloon-Pricing_150x150Understanding USPS Balloon Pricing
Aptly named, balloon pricing can make your shipping costs soar. If you’re selling light but large items, find out about this pricing model and how to prepare yourself and your customers for the additional charges. More info on USPS Balloon Pricing.

150x150_Understanding Regional Rate BoxesUnderstanding Regional Rate Boxes
Did you know there is a fast and low-cost alternative to Priority Mail? Find out what Regional Rate Boxes are and how they can help save you money and time on shipping. More info on USPS Regional Rate Boxes.

166007_EW_Images_USPS_ScanForm_IconUSPS SCAN Forms: How They Work, Benefits and Restrictions
Learn all about USPS SCAN Forms and how they can streamline your shipping process from origin to destination. More info on USPS SCAN Forms and their benefits and restrictions. Media Mail: Understanding Content and Shipping Restrictions
Media Mail can provide great savings for sellers of books and other media. Make sure your items qualify, and know what you and your buyers can expect for delivery and tracking. More info on USPS Media Mail Content and Shipping Restrictions.

150x150_USPSShippingZonesUnderstanding the USPS Shipping Zones
Understanding the different USPS shipping zones and how they apply to shipments is essential for e-commerce sellers. By using the shipping zones map effectively, small businesses can save a lot of money. More info on USPS Shipping Zones.

150x150_EW_USPS Shipping Rate CalculatorHow to Use the USPS Shipping Calculator
Confused by all the USPS Shipping options available to you? Give the online USPS Postage Price Calculator a try! More info on how to use the USPS Shipping Calculator.

150x150 EW Can I Ship Alcohol and Tobacco_FinalCarrier Guidelines for Shipping Alcohol and Tobacco
Learn about alcohol and tobacco shipping regulations before setting up an e-commerce business selling wine or cigarettes. Not knowing the rules could mean fines or be detrimental to business.  More info on Shipping Alcohol and Tobacco.

150x150 EW Shipping Perfume with the USPS_FinalShipping Perfume with the USPS
You can ship perfume with the USPS, but there are some restrictions that you must be aware of. Learn about the USPS regulations around shipping fragrances and why it is essential to follow them. More info on Shipping Perfume with the USPS.

Upcoming 2015 Rate Increase 150x150Upcoming 2015 USPS Postage Rate Increase
Did you know the USPS is raising postage rates for certain mail classes this spring?  Prepare your e-commerce business for the changes with this preview.  More info on the upcoming 2015 USPS Postage Rate Increase. 2014 Price Reductions to USPS Priority Mail
Prices are going down for Commercial Base and Commercial Plus Priority Mail. Find out about the September 2014 changes here. More info on the September 2014 USPS Price Reductions to Priority Mail.

150x150_Ew.com_PRI_2014Upcoming 2014 USPS Postage Rate Increase
Are you prepared for USPS’ postage rate increases for 2014? Get ready and know what to expect for your e-commerce business from for the upcoming USPS rate changes on January 26th, 2014.  More info on the 2014 USPS Postage Rate Increase. USPS July 2013 Updates_Small ImageUSPS July 2013 Updates
July 2013 brings some operational changes to USPS’ shipping services. If you ship with the USPS, take the time to learn about these updates to Priority Mail and how they may affect your shipping practices. More info on USPS’ July 2013 Updates.