How to Start Selling to International Markets

With a web-based business, the world is within easy reach! According to Business Week, the global economy has grown more than 42% in the last 10 years, with the U.S. Department of Commerce reporting 95% of the world’s population and two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power outside of the United States. Demand for American-made products is higher than ever, so don’t leave money on the table that could just as easily be in your pocket! If you’re stymied by shipping, leery of language, confused by currency, and paperwork causes palpitations, you’ll soon see that selling internationally doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect—with savvy, easy-to-use online tools for everything from postage to payment, your sales could grow 20% to 30% within days. International expansion is much closer—and easier—than you think.

 Understanding International Shipping Costs
If you’re shipping internationally, you have several cost options from multiple carriers to get your merchandise delivered overseas. Learn when to economize and when to pay extra for speed and services. More info on international shipping costs.

150x150 EW International Carrier Shipping Options_FinalInternational Carrier Shipping Options
When you’re shipping internationally, it pays to explore the variety of services and options from all of the major carriers. More info on international carrier shipping options.

Understanding International Package Insurance
Package insurance for international shipments can provide peace of mind to you as a seller – but is it always necessary? Find out when to insure your shipments and how to purchase the right coverage. More info on international package insurance.

150x150_international-customs-formsMastering USPS Customs Forms
The USPS has three types of customs forms that allow you to ship abroad. Learn how to select the right form, what information is needed, and helpful tips. More info on USPS customs forms.

150x150_harmonized-codesHarmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Codes for International Shipping
What are Harmonized Tariff Schedule Codes? Who established these codes and why are they important? How do they play a role when you’re shipping items internationally? More info on harmonized codes for international shipping.

Understanding Customs Fees, Duties and Taxes
Don’t let fear about customs, duties and taxes keep you from selling internationally. Learn the basics of selling overseas and what buyers must deal with to get their packages out of customs. More info on customs fees, duties and taxes.

150x150_Accepting_International_PaymentsHow To Accept International Payments For Your Online Store
When your marketplace goes global, you need to be prepared for international transactions. Learn about the pros and cons of international payments, and choosing a payment processor. More info on accepting international payments.

150x150 EW International Returns“Return to Sender”? What to Know About International Returns
International returns can be tricky to navigate, for sellers and buyers alike. Know your options as an e-commerce seller and find solutions that work for you and your customers. More info on international returns.

150x150_Understanding Prohibited and Restricted Items By CountryShipping Internationally: Understanding Prohibited & Restricted Items
 Before you ship that iPod speaker to Canada or bedspread to Australia, think twice. Get up to speed on your customers’ countries’ prohibited and restricted items, and avoid hassles later. More info on internationally prohibited and restricted items.

150x150 Packing TipsPacking Tips For International Shipments
Preparing your international shipment properly will ensure it gets to its destination on time and in great condition. Follow these tips to pack, protect and ship your international packages. More info on packing tips for international shipments.

150x150_DealingWithFraudOnInternationalSalesDealing With Fraud On International Sales
International transactions are great for business, but open you up to higher risk of fraud. Arm yourself with tools and tips to avoid fraud and keep your international dealings simple. More info on dealing with fraud on international sales.

150x150_DealingWithFraudOnInternationalSalesShipping to Canada Guide:  All The Latest Tips
Thinking of expanding your e-commerce business to Canada? Learn about international shipping carriers, customs forms, how to handle returns & more! More info on shipping internationally to Canada.

Global_infographic_2015_150x150[Infographic] Global Opportunities For Online Retailers
As customers across the world continue to spend an increasing amount of time on their mobile devices, every retailer should consider mobile e-commerce in their marketing efforts.  More info on global opportunities for online retailers.