Is Plastic Or Paper Shipping Tape The Right Choice For Your Business?

570x300_Plastic or PaperPaper or plastic? It’s not just a question heard at your local grocery store! If you ship frequently, whether you’re an online retailer or simply selling household items on eBay, choosing the right shipping tape is important. The two most common types are plastic shipping tape and paper shipping tape. Learn about the benefits of each and when it is appropriate to use one over the other to seal up your packages.

Benefits Of Using Plastic Shipping Tape

One of the biggest advantages of plastic shipping tape is that it is readily available. You don’t need to worry about buying special equipment and most rolls of plastic shipping tape actually come with their own dispensers too.

Some other advantages of plastic shipping tape include:

  • Plastic shipping tape is easy to use and is pressure sensitive, so it instantly sticks to shipping boxes.
  • It is portable, which means shippers aren’t limited to packing shipping boxes in one area.
  • Plastic shipping tape is available at big box stores and does not need to be specially ordered.
  • It works for all types of packages, from shipping boxes or poly mailers.

Benefits Of Using Paper Shipping Tape

Paper shipping tape, also often referred to as “kraft tape” is usually less expensive than its plastic counterparts. Frequently, shippers will use less of it, driving costs down even further. Paper shipping tape is normally reinforced with fiberglass yarns and these help make it strong. This type of shipping tape uses a special water activated tape dispenser – It is the water that helps bond the tape to the boxes.

Some other advantages of paper shipping tape include:

  • Paper shipping tape is available in different grades, which are based on box weight, therefore you can choose between different strengths of paper shipping tape.
  • The paper tape dispenser can be set to create a specific length of tape, which allows for more accurate and faster application, meaning less wastage of tape and time.
  • Paper shipping tape is wider than plastic shipping tape. This greater width makes it easy to use and one piece is usually sufficient to seal both flaps of the shipping boxes.

Note: If you are recycling an older box that already has old plastic tape on it, you will not be able to use paper shipping tape.  Kraft tape does not stick to plastic shipping tape.

What Is The Right Choice For Your Business?

The correct choice depends greatly on the type of shipper you are and the types of packages you are sending to your customers. For instance, if you ship mostly using poly mailers, plastic shipping tape is the way to go, since paper shipping tape will not stick to the poly mailer. On the other hand, if you ship a lot of boxes, paper shipping tape is likely the better choice. There is no right or wrong answer and although each type of shipping tape has its own advantages and disadvantages; the choice of tape to use depends entirely on your personal preference.