Advertise Your eBay Store with BannerPlay’s Boost Sales App!

Pic1_570wAs an eBay seller, you have learned how to craft your marketing and selling techniques when it comes to promoting your store. Do you sometimes find yourself reaching a ceiling, whether it be after exhausting auction-style and fixed price listings, or using the marketing tools links in ‘My eBay’ to their fullest potential? If your answer is yes, you may want to consider using BannerPlay’s Boost Sales! Advertising Application.

BannerPlay’s Boost Sales! Ad-App
The recently introduced Ad-App increases the exposure of your eBay items by allowing you to quickly and simply create professional looking banners for your products and then promoting these across targeted web and mobile sites.

How Does it Work?
First, you will need to select a product from your products list. Using the product you’ve selected to promote, the app will automatically create a set of customized, professional looking banners that will include it’s price and description too. At this point, you can tweak and further customize the banners to your liking. Using your products keywords and shipping location, BannerPlay’s new eBay app will show your banner campaigns on targeted websites and blogs across the web.

Here is an example of how your Boost Sales banner will appear on a targeted site –

Pic2croppedBannerPlay’s Ad-App also offers real time statistics, analytics and performance metrics of campaigns, so you can see exactly how many views and visitors your campaign has received, and a detailed report showing exactly on which sites and web pages people actually clicked on the banners. Since the app is on a ‘Pay-Per-Click’ model, there is no commitment. You don’t pay service fees, just for actual visitors.

What’s in it for you?
Your eBay product banners are shown on thousands of relevant web sites, exposing your eBay merchandise to millions of people across the web and mobile. ‘Build it and they will come’, is no longer the winning strategy when it comes to online retail success. It’s a combination of how many people use the Internet and how many are comfortable purchasing products online, but more importantly it is how consumers are informed about your merchandise and how effectively they can reach your selling page. So go ahead and give Boost Sales a try – As an introductory launch promotion, the Boost Sales Ad-App is offered in a special 7-day trial!