eBay Raises Shipping Caps on Media: What You Need to Know

EW_Image_eBay_MediaCategories_570x300Do you sell media on eBay? Here’s a heads-up that the marketplace has raised its shipping caps in some media categories, and what you as a seller need to know about the changes.

The Basics
eBay first set media shipping caps in 2008, explaining that the limits were fair and in line with e-commerce competition. The caps, based on the average shipping charges, were designed so sellers could stay competitive in the marketplace and keep shoppers on eBay by charging fair shipping rates. The main difference in the new media shipping pricing structure lies in increasing the caps of certain categories; overall increases in shipping costs may be one factor.

For example, fiction and children’s books’ new shipping cap per piece is $6, up from $4; DVD shipping cap has increased from $3 to $6. If you’re finding you’re paying more for shipping, these higher caps will help you recoup your costs without digging into your selling profits.

For a detailed look at the new shipping caps in the DVDs and Movies category, consult the chart below.

ebay raises shipping caps media

What Sellers Need to Know
eBay sellers should view the increased caps as a positive change. It will allow you more flexibility in setting shipping rates, plus keep your profits steady since you’re probably paying more for shipping anyway. With the changes, you can evaluate your current shipping charges to see if it makes sense to raise them within the new caps.

Of course, you’ll want to pay attention to what your competitors are charging for shipping so customers aren’t turned off by the increase. Your research should help you determine if an increase makes sense for your store – both in terms of customer response and your bottom line.

Lastly, for heavy or over-sized items, consider using calculated shipping (i.e., weighing and measuring the actual package and charging your buyer the exact amount your shipping carrier company determines) instead of a flat rate, despite the higher caps. A more exact method of working with these bulkier items lessens the chances you’ll be dinged by eBay for charging excessive shipping.

The Bottom Line
Change is a fact of life in the e-commerce world, but this is a potentially positive one if you’re an eBay media seller. Higher caps could mean shipping savings – and greater profits.