Search: Cassini, SEO, and the Impossible Dream


Top Rated Seller Webinars is a monthly webinar series helps eBay sellers grow sales and become more successful. Presenters include eBay staff, e-commerce experts and application companies.

In this webinar you will learn the fundamentals of rapidly evolving search technology.

Topics covered include:

  • How search engines work, a basic search vocabulary
  • How Cassini and external search engines work differently (for example, the different areas of a listing as read by Cassini vs. as read by Google)
  • What you can control to optimize yourself in search
  • What you can’t control
  • Plus much more!

This webinar will not teach you how to manipulate Cassini to rank #1. That has become an “Impossible Dream.” Instead, after the webinar is over you should have a solid understanding of search technology which will help you write listings the search engines can effectively read and rank. Applying this knowledge may increase traffic to your listings both internally in eBay searches and externally on other search engines.

sandi-garciaAbout the Presenter: Social Sandi is an eBay Education Specialist and social media marketing consultant.

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