How to Speak Your Customer’s Language – Developing a Niche

570x102_top-rated-header2Top Rated Seller Webinars is a monthly webinar series helps eBay sellers grow sales and become more successful. Presenters include eBay staff, e-commerce experts and application companies.

Are you a seller who has been selling anything and everything? Or have a niche but the market has run dry as to it’s profitability? Join us to learn how to develop a niche or expand on an existing one in order to help your business grow.

Find out how to speak your ideal customer’s language and bring in the buyer who is going to hit the buy button and not just window shop. Learn why it’s no longer a great thing to just list anything and everything that will sell, you lose the ability to market and thus lose sales.

About the Presenter:

150x150_danni-ackermanPresented by Danni Ackerman, also known as the Danni App, author, speaker and eCommerce coach. Since 1998 Danni has been an ecommerce seller working her way up from hobby selling to supporting her family during rough times. Her passion is selling on eBay where she has sold nearly a quarter million dollars in antiques and collectibles.

She is the author of Storage Lockers for Fun and Profit, contributing author for the Homerun Guide, and working on her next book Antiques Arbitrage! She recently published The Ultimate Guide to Savings by Store. Catch Danni on her weekly video podcast radio show called Ask the Danni App.

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