4 Useful Tips for Marketing on Facebook

FB Marketing_570x300How many times a day do you check your Facebook page? That many? You’re not alone. And that’s good news if you’re an e-commerce seller. Now, more than ever, e-commerce sellers are leveraging Facebook’s power to promote their products. How can you market effectively via Facebook? Here are four quick tips.

  • Create a Facebook page for your business. It’s fast, simple and free to create a business page – Facebook even provides step-by-step instructions – so don’t use your personal account to market and promote your business. Your Facebook business page is a window into your company and your brand. Make your business page stand out by creating a recognizable vanity URL as an extension to the Facebook address (for example, facebook.com/vintagejewelrybyvicki). And be sure to take advantage of Facebook’s cover photo size … that’s 851×315 pixels you can use to showcase your products!
  • Use Facebook Insights to increase engagement. When your content is relevant, your visitors become invested in your business. With a Facebook business page, you automatically get access to Facebook Insights. It’s an analytics tool that provides a snapshot of your audience based on visits, clicks and other factors. As the page administrator, you can view engagement for each post and determine which types of posts drove more engagement compared to others. It’s valuable information to use as you work on generating ongoing content for your page.
  • Fresh content attracts visitors. Remember that the attention span of a user on a social media platform like Facebook is typically quite short, so you need to grab it with content that’s creative, timely and relevant. Try to use a neutral tone and find ways to engage your visitors by offering shopping tips, gift ideas or reminders about upcoming holidays or occasions when they might be looking to make purchases. Many Facebook users enjoy relevant tidbits of information or questions, and are apt to share words or photos that resonate. This can bring their friends to your page too!
  • Pay attention to Facebook’s guidelines. Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool, but it does have rules you need to play by. Periodically review Facebook’s regulations, and if you take the extra step of paying for ads, review the ad guidelines before spending your money. Like social media as a whole, Facebook is constantly changing and evolving, and keeping up with the updates will help you maximize your social media reach and avoid missed opportunities.

The Bottom Line
All e-commerce sites should have a strong foothold in social media, and Facebook is great place to start. Paying attention to your page, audience and the rules will pay off as you create a social media presence that attracts visitors … and, ultimately, helps generate more sales!