3 Ways To Save Time By Batch Printing Shipping Labels

570x300_3 Ways to save time by batch printing shipping labelsIf you’re an e-commerce seller who needs to print multiple shipping labels a day, you could easily spend several hours each day creating labels for your packages. Many small business owners are pleasantly surprised to find that there’s a better way and are thrilled when they learn they can batch print shipping labels. Learn about batch printing, when it’s appropriate to batch print shipping labels and how this process can streamline your operations. 

What Is Batch Printing? 

Batch printing allows e-commerce sellers to generate multiple shipping labels at once. With the help of Internet-based postage solutions companies such as Stamps.com, small business owners can print several labels for their outgoing merchandise at one time. Typically, with shipping software, e-commerce sellers have the ability to import order information from a variety of marketplaces with one click. Only the weight and type of mail service to be used for each package needs to be entered. Once these selections are made, all shipping labels can be printed at one time, freeing up valuable time for small business owners. The hours spent behind the computer screen entering in information for shipping labels or worse, standing in line at the post office can be applied elsewhere and to more important tasks, such as listing additional items for sale. 

Read on to learn more about the different ways in which you can save time by batch printing your shipping labels.     

Tip#1: Print Shipping Labels For Similar Orders Together 

If you sell multiple units of the same product, don’t waste time printing shipping labels for these one at a time! Let’s say you sell Widget A and need to ship out hundreds of these widgets every day – Simply prepare and weigh one package with Widget A and then apply the same weight to all similar packages. You will save yourself the additional step of entering the weight for each package.    

Tip#2: Process All Your International Orders At Once 

Batch printing can save international sellers a lot of time too! If you’re shipping your products overseas, not only do you have to print a shipping label but also fill out the accompanying international customs form. Filling out international custom forms can be a daunting task for many and small business owners can find great time savings in filling these out all at once, instead of one at a time. When you batch print labels for your international orders, you’re also able to fill out customs forms more systematically, in one block as opposed to one at a time. 

Tip#3: Save Time By Pulling Similar Orders From Your Warehouse; Then Batch Print Shipping Labels 

If you primarily sell Widget A, it is possible to streamline your packaging and labeling process even further. Your shipping software may allow you to create a preset, which means you can simply apply your preset shipping preferences to all your packages, instead of having to enter the weight and mail class information for each package. In most cases, you’ll simply need to click a button and apply your preset characteristics to the entire batch. This also means that you can pack up your items and store them in your warehouse, where they’ll stay until you print and attach a label. 

Is Batch Printing The Right Option For Your Shipping Needs? 

Shipping using batch print shipping labels is oftentimes easier than many e-commerce sellers believe and can help them save precious time. If the situations described above seem applicable to your shipping habits, batch shipping can tremendously improve and streamline your business operations. Check with your shipping software provider if batch printing is available and how you can set it up with your presets.