eBay’s 2013 Spring Seller Update

570x300_EW_eBay_SpringSellerUpdateUnderstanding eBay’s 2013 Spring Seller Update
eBay has announced several updates to their seller policies. The overall consensus is that these updates will benefit sellers. The highlights include a simplified fee structure and free listings that streamline the process of selling on eBay. Taking effect early summer 2013, these updates may lead many sellers to subscribe to an eBay Store (or upgrade their current subscription) to take advantage of lower fees.

For eBay Store subscribers
Starting May 1, 2013, depending on their Store subscription, sellers can get anywhere from 150 to 2,500 total free listings per month, with no insertion fees. These listings can be fixed price or Auction-style, and will continue to get up to 12 pictures per listing free. Another important change – sellers’ fees will be simplified to five flat rates. The fees start at 4% and max out at 9% of the total amount of the sale. 

For current Store subscribers, their subscription will automatically update to the new monthly price and terms on May 1, 2013, unless they change or cancel their subscription.

For standard eBay sellers
Standard, or “Casual” sellers will continue to pay no insertion fees on up to 50 listings per month. Starting April 16, 2013, sellers’ free listings can be either fixed price or Auction-style, including adding the Buy It Now option for free. Sellers will have access to a listing scheduler to help control when their listings start and end, and continue to get up to 12 pictures per listing. Finally, sellers will pay one flat 10% final value fee based on the total amount of the sale.

Fee Illustrator tool
This new resource is designed to help sellers decide which Store subscription best fits their needs. Sellers enter information into the tool, such as the primary selling category, the number of monthly listings, the number of monthly sales, and average shipping costs, among other factors. The Fee Illustrator tool then offers a side-by-side subscription comparison along with a recommended choice for selling on eBay. It takes the guesswork out of figuring out the best option and will likely save sellers money in the long run.

Other important changes
In trying to reduce the number of unpaid items on the marketplace and protect sellers from bad buys, when a listing includes a Buy It Now or Best Offer option, sellers are now permitted to continue accepting offers until the buyer actually pays for the product. Further, when a buyer doesn’t pay for an item, sellers can now file an unpaid item complaint in two days (instead of the current four). 

On the topic of images, all listings must contain at least one photo starting July 1, 2013. All images must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side of the image and cannot have borders, text, or artwork. 

Finally, starting May 1, 2013, when sellers add Buy It Now to any Auction-style listing, it must be at least 30% over the listing’s start price.