Top Five Tips for Wild E-commerce Success in 2014

570x102_top-rated-header2Top Rated Seller Webinars is a monthly webinar series helps eBay sellers grow sales and become more successful. Presenters include eBay staff, e-commerce experts and application companies.

Why does the success of two people vary SO much? They sell on the same platform, have similar products, and have access to equal education. Yet one seems to succeed and the other flounders. There are 5 areas of your business that will cause you to either Succeed Sweetly or Fail Fast. The Successful sellers are already doing these things. Watch this webinar and learn the top 5 tips on ensuring that your business succeeds wildly this year.

Presented by Janelle Elms, a best-selling author, speaker and leading eBay educator.

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About the Presenter:


Janelle Elms is an engaging and inspiring educator, writer and consultant. She is a Lead eBay University instructor & creator and instructor of the highly successful eBay 101 and 102 classes taught nationwide. Janelle’s exuberant onstage presence has been compared to a female Tony Robbins. She motivates budding entrepreneurs with her intelligence and sparkling personality, while giving them the intricate knowledge and tools to build wildly successful businesses.  

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