Preparing Your eBay Business to Maximize Holiday Sales


From inventory selection to marketing, along with creating a solid holiday selling strategy, there’s a lot to do over the next few months to make the 2014 holiday season your best ever!

This video discusses the top ten holiday prep steps every eBay seller should do for 2014. Topics discussed include:
— Hot holiday sourcing tips
— Priming the pump on your holiday marketing using “The Big Three”
— Holiday strategy tips (what’s working now)
— Using eBay’s tools to maximize sales
— Plus much more!

About the Presenter:
lisa-suttoraLisa Suttora is an e-commerce marketing strategist, and CEO of Lisa Suttora International. Since 2004, Lisa has worked with online merchants in 9 countries and over 2600 niche markets, to develop the skills and strategies that drive six and seven figure annual revenues.

Lisa’s eye for innovation and trends, combined with strategic focus, have earned her frequent guest spots on radio, in print publications, and on stage at industry conferences. With her straight-talk and doable approach, Lisa helps online store owners in any niche attract new customers and increase sales through strategic sourcing, visual content marketing and developing the mindset required to run a successful ecommerce business.

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