3 Tips to Lower Packaging Costs

570x300_EW.com-Image-3-Tips-to-Lower-Packaging-CostsWe all know that what’s inside is what really counts … but when you’re shipping a product, packaging certainly plays an important role too. In addition to reflecting on your image as an e-commerce seller, packaging impacts the condition your product arrives in and drives overall costs as well. How can you strike that perfect balance between pretty and practical? Here are 3 tips:

Tip 1: Bulk up! If you have the extra cash and storage space, buy your packaging in bulk, which keeps overall costs down. The extra money you spend up-front can help your bottom line as the number of orders grow, plus save you the hassle of frequent shopping and reordering.

Tip 2: Get back to basics. It’s tempting to splash your store image all over your packaging with fancy personalized boxes and filler – and for certain e-commerce businesses, it makes business sense. However, most buyers prioritize price over packaging, especially if you pass on your extra packaging costs to them in the form of higher prices. Consider other, less pricey ways to stand out, and seek out lower-cost packaging and boxes, such as the recycled-content variety, as well as cost-effective fillers that make the most sense for your types of products. (See tips for reducing packaging filler costs.)

Tip 3: Don’t be boxed in. Many of us picture corrugated boxes when we think of packaging, but they’re not your only option. Lower-priced alternatives include envelope-type packaging, such as bubble mailers and poly bags, which are a great choice for small pieces and soft products like clothing, which doesn’t require the extra protection of boxes.

Keep these tips in mind as you weigh your packaging and pricing options, and your bottom line is sure to benefit.