Sales Tax Tips for Ecommerce Sellers

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Find out what selling on multiple channels in multiple states means for collecting sales taxes. Learn about the general rules of sales tax compliance for online sellers, how nexus with other states can be triggered by using third-party fulfillment, and the latest news on the Internet Sales Tax laws.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • What selling on multiple channels means for your sales tax returns
  • Destination versus origin-based sales tax states
  • What nexus means for sellers using third-party fulfillment services
  • Update on where the Internet Sales Tax law stands

Presented by:
196x196_mark-faggianoMark Faggiano, industry expert and Founder / CEO of TaxJar – a service built to make post-transaction sales tax compliance easier for multi-channel ecommerce sellers. Mark previously co-founded and led FileLater to become the web’s leading tax extension service for both businesses and individual taxpayers.

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