eBay Seller Meetup Groups: How They Can Help Your e-Business

570x300_EW_eBaySellerMeetupGroupsIf you’ve been selling on eBay for a while, you know that each step from taking photographs of your products to listing them correctly on the site to shipping comes with its own set of challenges. Have you ever wondered how other sellers fare with these issues? Meeting face-to-face with other eBay sellers who deal with the same concerns as you, could not only provide networking prospects, but also great learning opportunities.   

That’s why, as an eBay seller, it is beneficial for you to be involved in an eBay Seller Meetup Group(s). With more than 112,000 members nationwide, you have the opportunity to share unique educational opportunities, such as sellers’ classes and guest speakers, as well as learn from the experiences of others. 

Finding an eBay Seller Meetup Group

When you’re ready to reap the benefits of a group, start your search at http://ebaysell.meetup.com/all, which lists many existing groups. Lots of major metropolitan areas already have active groups up and running, with membership numbers in the several hundreds. Most groups will typically meet at a local restaurant to discuss selling strategies and tips. If you’re interested in something specific, there may already be a group focusing on just your interests. Use keywords, such as “vintage toys” or “handmade,” to help narrow down your search. 

Once you’ve made contact with a group that aligns with your goals and interests, make yourself known! Don’t be shy – introduce yourself, exchange business cards, and volunteer information about yourself and your shop during introductions and discussions. Offer to help the leader or suggest future topics for consideration. You’ll soon realize that the group needs you just as much as you need the group. 

Are you located near any of the top eBay Seller Meetup Groups in the U.S.?


 What’s eBay’s Involvement with Seller Groups?

eBay wants your business to be successful, so the marketplace puts a great deal of resources into outreach with seller groups, with dedicated eBay personnel tasked to optimize sellers’ experiences with everything from discussion topics to giveaways. 

eBay Community Directors keep in close contact with group leaders and work to connect sellers with groups that match their interests. Oftentimes, they’ll provide promotional merchandise and knick-knacks to groups for incentives, favors or door prizes, and offer conversation starters and other resources. Best of all, Community Directors can make the group visible by promoting meetings at eBay: On Location events, and passing along referrals. Building community among sellers can result in greater sales, so it’s a win-win for all involved. 

Starting Your Own eBay Seller Meetup Group

Can’t find a group near you? It’s easy to start your own. If you choose to use the services of Meetup.com, a six-month membership is $72, or choose month-by-month for just $19. 

Next, determine what your goal for the group is. Education? Lobbying? Resource sharing? Socialization? Give your group a descriptive and memorable name so it’s easily searchable. There are lots of online tools to help you plan for, organize and facilitate your eBay Sellers meetings. In addition to search and built-in promotion capabilities for your group, Meetup.com also offers easy and intuitive reminders and RSVPing functionality. And don’t forget to take advantage of the services and resources of an eBay Community Director, who will help you with tools and ideas to get your group off the ground. 

The Bottom Line

Whether your eBay store is your main source of income, a sideline or merely a hobby, you want to make the most of it. Meeting with others who share your interest in – or passion for – eBay selling allows you to exchange real-life stories, avoid common pitfalls and find ways to set your shop apart. Best of all, you may find yourself with new fellow sellers… or friends!