International Carrier Shipping Options

570x300 EW International Carrier Shipping Options_FinalYou’re already aware that shipping isn’t one-size-fits-all … but did you know that applies to your international carrier as well as packaging

Carrier offerings — from pricing to supplies to transit time — vary widely, but the good news is there’s almost certainly an option for every international shipment you send. It’s possible you can find solutions for all your needs from one carrier, but just as likely that shopping around will benefit you, both from a time and cost perspective. 

The table below lists options from FedEx, UPS and USPS for international shipments. Naturally, you’ll want to check the individual carriers for specifics, but use the table as a first step and guideline for delivery schedules and countries serviced.   


Fast Facts about International Shipping Options

Need a primer? Here are a few points to remember as you weigh the pros and cons of the three major international shipping companies. 

  • Looking for Lowest International Shipping Cost? The U.S. Postal Service is the lowest cost option to send packages overseas, often being 50-75% cheaper than UPS or FedEx. But  keep in mind that USPS’s tracking and delivery guarantee options aren’t as sophisticated as UPS or FedEx, since you are dealing with 2 postal carriers (USPS handles shipping out of the United States, the host country’s post handles delivery to the end recipient).
  • Seeking door-to-door service with one carrier? Try UPS. With offices in nearly every country, UPS will handle the shipment of your package from the United States all the way to the delivery address in the international country. This helps provide a secure delivery process for higher value products.
  • Need to get it there quickly? FedEx specializes in next-day or 2-3 delivery for international shipments. Costs can quickly escalate, but sometimes there’s no substitute for speed. 

With so many international shipping options, the globe keeps getting smaller – and that’s good news e-commerce site owners. When you research international shipping options, you’re effectively maximizing your reach and your profits.