5 Tips For Content Marketing Success For Your E-Commerce Website

Although content marketing – a marketing approach focused on creating and sharing relevant content to attract and keep an audience – has been shown to be one of the most effective types of digital marketing to boost traffic and drive sales, some e-commerce sellers find it to be challenging to get started as well as […]

4 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your E-Commerce Website

Why should you be concerned about backlinks? Simply put, backlinks – links from other sites that point to yours – are a core part of off-page search-engine optimization (SEO). This means they help search engines determine your site’s relevance and importance. The drawback, however, is that backlinks can vary in their effectiveness. “Follow” backlinks essentially […]

Using Google Analytics To Track Your Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to increasing sales, marketing is crucial – but it won’t help you unless you’re also tracking your marketing efforts. Tools such as Google Analytics help you with both tracking and analysis, which can help you gauge how successful your campaigns truly are. Here’s how to get started with Google Analytics. Step 1: […]

3 Tips To Create Branded Packaging For Your Products

The moment your shipment reaches your customer’s hands, you have established a connection — and an opportunity to make a lasting impression. When you’re thoughtful about shipping, packaging and presentation of your products, your customers may remember the “unboxing” experience as much as the product itself. Take advantage of this unique touch point by understanding […]

4 Steps to Start Your Online Business

Your business model defines your e-commerce business and, as such, can directly affect its future. Choose the right model, and use it as a blueprint to help guide your direction, choices and decisions from the very start. Here are 4 steps to help you along the way. Step 1: Decide what to sell. Choose the products […]

5 Best Practices When Testing a Call to Action on Your E-Commerce Site

Your stats show you’re doing a good job getting traffic to your website. Great! But why aren’t your sales increasing? It may be because your site doesn’t contain a clear call to action. A call to action is a directive to site visitors. Usually via an eye-catching button, it instructs and informs visitors of what […]

5 Steps To Get Your E-Commerce Business Mobile Ready

Great products? Check. Clearcut policies? Check. Effective website? Check. Compelling copy? Check. You’ve hit all the marks for your e-commerce store – or have you? If you haven’t considered mobile shopping, now is the time to get your e-commerce business mobile ready. Did you know that recent research indicates that almost four-fifths of mobile searches […]

[Infographic] The State of E-Commerce in 2015

Based on a Wall Street Journal report, this infographic shows that the total eCommerce sales volume in the US recorded at $176 billion in 2010 is projected to reach $279 billion in 2015. About 8% market share of total US retail sales was held by online sales in 2014 and this is estimated to rise and […]

4 Ways To Provide Amazing Customer Service

No matter what you sell, how you market your e-commerce site or how slick your website is, the service you provide customers will ultimately determine if they return to your store in the future.  What’s more, bad customer service is no longer a matter between store and shopper: negative social media posts by someone who’s […]

3 Easy Steps To Get Started With Google AdWords

When you start and run an e-commerce site, naturally you dedicate large chunks of your business day to essential tasks such as finding products to sell, website set-up and maintenance, photography and copywriting. But none of these elements mean anything without visitors to your site – and that’s where marketing comes in. Many new e-commerce […]