Using PayPal: A to Z Guide

The bottom line about your bottom line is getting paid: promptly and reliably. When it comes to payment processing for online marketplaces, PayPal has paved the way and continues to offer simple, safe, convenient and innovative services to both buyers and sellers. The numbers say it all: PayPal boasts 132 million active accounts in 193 marketplaces and 25 currencies worldwide (Source:

PayPal: The Basics of C150x150 EW PayPal The Basics of Collecting Payments for E-Commerce Sales_Finalollecting Payments for E-Commerce Sales
Many e-commerce sellers transact using PayPal, because it is quick, easy to use and convenient! Learn more about the benefits of using PayPal to accept payments for your online store. More info on the basics of collecting payments using PayPal.

150x150 EW Choosing a PayPal Payment Solution For Your Business_FinalChoosing a PayPal Payment Solution For Your Business
PayPal offers a variety of payment solutions, making e-commerce transactions quick and easy. Learn about different PayPal payment solutions and determine which best suits your online business’ needs. More info on choosing a PayPal Payment Solution.

150x150PayPalUsing PayPal Shipping To Ship Items Not Sold on eBay
PayPal Shipping has long worked with eBay purchases, but can you use it if you sell your merchandise on other sites, like Amazon? Learn how you can print a PayPal Shipping label for items not sold on eBay. More info on using PayPal Shipping.