Is Your eBay Store Ready for the Holidays?

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Is your eBay Store ready for the holidays? With over 30 years in retail brick and mortar and six years on air as a product presenter on the QVC Shopping Channel, Kathy Terrill brings her retail expertise to help you optimize your eBay Store for the winter holiday season!

Topics in this webinar include:

  • Marketing tools in your eBay Store that you may be overlooking and under utilizing
  • How to fine-tune your eBay Store for your best holiday season yet!
  • How to use what you see in brick and mortar retail stores to increase sales in YOUR eBay Store
  • And more juicy tidbits!

About the Presenter:

188x188_kathy-terrillKathy Terrill is a New York-based professional actress who has more than 25 years experience in brick-and-mortar retail and over 6 years as an on-air product presenter for QVC, the shopping channel.

Kathy is chief administrator of the Facebook group eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores that has over 2000 eBay store owners from around the world. She is a¬†featured speaker at the annual eBay Radio Conference, John Lawson’s NYC Business Boot Camp, eCom Chicago and is a thought leader for Kathy does one on one business consultations with eBay sellers to maximize and craft their online growth.

You can read Kathy’s marketing and sales tip on her popular blog

This Webinar was recorded on October 14, 2015.

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