E-commerce Essentials in 5 Easy Steps

EW.com-E-commerce-Essentials-in-5-Easy-StepsLooking to ramp up your e-commerce game in 2014? Doing so could be as simple as approaching a few basics in a fresh new way. Here are some easy tips to help you and your business get off to a great start this year.

#1. Say it succinctly … and with style. Carefully craft your product descriptions, and you may find more shoppers sticking around. Keep copy to around 200 words per product, and make sure to include strong marketing words to grab your readers’ attention. Be sure to mention other integral information, like item size, shipping specifics and construction details, all of which help drive buying decisions. (Read more tips on creating effective product descriptions for different e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon and Etsy.)

#2. Pay attention to photography. Picture quality speaks volumes about your product and you, as a seller. Don’t skimp on pixels or poses – high-resolution images and multiple images from different angles show your product in the best light and can prevent customer disputes about specifications or condition later on. (Still need more info? Learn useful photography tips when selling on eBay.)

#3. Put forth your policies. Clearly stating FAQs, shipping information, return policy, handling charges and delivery time-frames saves you time fielding customer queries and resolving post-purchase disputes. If your shop has a section for feedback, be sure to address any negative reviews in a timely manner and offer resolutions that work for you and your buyer. (This is especially important during high-volume sales periods, and particularly during the holiday season.)

#4. 3-2-1 contact! Don’t make buyers dig for your contact information – state it up front. Offer multiple ways for them to get in touch with you, including phone, mailing address, fax and email. Being accessible is one easy way to set yourself apart from the competition; many customers won’t even consider doing business on an e-commerce site without this information being clearly provided.

#5. Call to action! The fewer clicks it takes to make a decision, the more likely your customer is to become engaged with some aspect of your e-commerce site – whether the goal is to have them hit the “Buy” button, learn more, follow a link or sign up for your newsletter and updates. Make sure you have action buttons – “order here”, “buy now” etc. – throughout your shop, ideally on every page, so there’s an obvious path to your desired action.

Make this year count by starting off on the right track. Keeping up with news and innovations on the e-commerce front, plus never forgetting the basics of customer service, can only help you create and keep your foothold in your marketplace. Happy selling!