The Benefits Of Selling On And Marketplaces

As an online merchant, you are constantly looking for ways to expand your business, build your customer base and earn more sales. There are a lot of e-commerce marketplaces out there vying for your attention; some that may not be worth a look, but a few that most definitely are, such as the Marketplace and the Marketplace at

You sell on, you sell on, so why should you sell on either or Easy, it will open your business to millions of new customers across the country, and around the world. is the 3rd largest online mass merchant, receiving over 25 million unique visitors a month. Over 35 million products reside on the pages of Sears’ website, and nearly 20% of all units sold are driven by the Marketplace at has grown into one of the largest, solely virtual, e-commerce megastores, with the Marketplace offering over 11 million items from it’s tens of thousands of sellers.

Selling on either the Marketplace at or will provide you with yet another way to reach highly relevant customers. Customers in a different demographic. Customers with different buying habits. Customers that might not have known your company and products existed otherwise. In this regard, both marketplaces offer some great features to get your name and product out there. The Marketplace allows it’s sellers to create, essentially, what are mini-webstores within the site. The seller’s branding is visible throughout the purchasing process, as well as offering chances to participate in on-site merchandising. In fact, visit the homepage and you will regularly see a varied group of Marketplace sellers promoted in a large rotating banner. This is Buy’s “Buy from People, Not the Internet” promotion. This is an incredible and personal way to be featured on the e-commerce giant’s website, and a glimpse at the way wants to interact with it’s merchants – more as a partnership, than just a place to sell your wares. This is further exemplified by BuyTV, a nationally broadcast weekly TV show featuring product reviews, merchant interviews and news. Even here, the seller is king, with merchants being allowed to produce their own product reviews and segments, further solidifying’s commitment to promoting its sellers above even the brand. Get a spot on’s homepage and a Spotlight segment on BuyTV, promote your brand and you’re sure to see the orders start flowing in.

The Marketplace at also allows sellers to maintain their brand throughout the selling process; and often feature their Marketplace sellers on email marketing campaigns and in promotions on the website homepage. But perhaps one of the greatest assets of selling your products at the Marketplace at is the Sears name itself. It has long been an iconic American brand, well known for quality products and good service. If a shopper is loyal to the Sears brand, they are going to come back to the Sears website again and again, and you can take advantage of that loyalty. We all know how problematic a bad review can be, so why not go that extra step of associating yourself with a company millions of shoppers already trust and bypass any issues of secure online checkout or a less than stellar customer experience? As a merchant with the Marketplace at, you are even eligible for the Fulfillment by program. Sears will do all the post-sale processing for you: they store your inventory, and when an order comes in, they pick, pack, process, and ship for you. Customers even have the option of picking up their order from you in their local Sears brick-and-mortar retail store. Now, with all that assistance available from your Marketplace, you know it couldn’t be easier to start selling online; and to sell well.

So, you’re ready to start selling on Marketplace or the Marketplace at, or both! Great, getting started couldn’t be easier. Visit the Marketplace at, quickly register as a merchant, upload your item catalog, and you’re ready to start selling. Marketplace is just as easy: sign up, prepare your inventory and you’re online. Of course, there are fees and terms and conditions and other items to consider before you can start selling and shipping, but you can get all of your questions answered directly by the great support teams at and

So, go ahead, expand your selling options, gain new customers, and take advantage of what the Marketplace and the Marketplace at have to offer to you as a merchant. When your sales take off, you’ll be happy you did.

About The Author: Louisa Meeks of Z-Firm (ShipRush)

Louisa Meeks has worked in e-commerce and marketing for nearly a decade. She currently coordinates the marketing efforts of Z-Firm LLC, a software developer which publishes ShipRush, an integrated shipping solution for e-commerce merchants. ShipRush is an easy-to-use, time-saving software solution that eliminates the need to re-key or copy and paste during the shipping label generation process. ShipRush automatically imports addresses from accounting and contact applications, exports tracking numbers to databases, sends customers email notifications with tracking numbers and more. You can learn more about ShipRush here: