How to Use the USPS Shipping Calculator

You’ve made a sale! And now it’s time to ship your merchandise to your customer – Whether you’re a new online business owner or simply interested in exploring your shipping options, the breadth of choices can feel overwhelming at first glance. Rather than worrying about price charts and the different service levels available, try using […]

USPS July 2013 Updates

These may be the lazy days of summer, but don’t fall asleep on the job when it comes to your e-commerce business. With several operational changes – though no postage rate increases, make sure you’ve reviewed the latest USPS product and service updates. Here’s a quick overview of these updates. Express Mail Name Changes:  Express […]

Carrier Guidelines for Shipping Alcohol and Tobacco

Several shipping carriers, including the USPS impose restrictions on items such as alcoholic beverages and tobacco.  That being said, there are certain exceptions and online retailers can utilize a few different methods to ship these restricted items to their customers legally.  Read on to learn more. Shipping Alcohol and Tobacco with the USPS Due to […]

Shipping Perfume With The USPS

While you may be able to sell perfume online easily, shipping it to its destination through the U.S. Postal Service may turn out to be a tricky proposition. Perfumes, colognes and fragrances are typically manufactured by combining aromatic oils with alcohol. When exposed to changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure, the alcoholic components can become […]

Understanding The USPS Shipping Zones

Understanding what the different USPS shipping zones mean is vital, especially if you ship frequently. The shipping zones map is a good place to start. At first glance, the shipping zones map can be confusing, so here’s a quick guide to understanding how USPS shipping zones work. How Do The USPS Zones Work? Postal zones […]

Understanding USPS Dimensional (DIM) Weight Charges

Most carriers determine shipping costs based on package weight and the distance the package is traveling. In general, the heavier the package, the more it costs to ship. However, if you ship bigger, lightweight items, the shipping rate will be calculated based on the Dimensional Weight, or DIM, instead of the actual weight of the […]