Understanding International Insurance

Why should you purchase international package insurance as an online seller? Is it even available for the country your shipping to? Is it worth it? What – and who – is really being protected?  What are the options, and when does insurance make the most sense? Here’s what you need to know, and how to […]

Understanding Duties and Taxes

Duties and taxes – the mere words evoke dread in the hearts and minds many online sellers. Fortunately, getting a handle on both of these facts-of-business-life isn’t nearly as daunting as you may think. While rates and requirements vary widely depending on the item itself and localities involved, online sources make it easy to decipher […]

Mastering USPS Customs Forms

Where some online retailers see challenges, others see opportunities. A number of online retailers find it a hassle to ship internationally and limit their consumer base to their home country. On the other hand, some online retailers have taken advantage of the international market and are very successful. Truth is, it’s not hard to ship […]