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Upcoming 2015 USPS Postage Rate Increase

The U.S. Postal Service will implement new postage rates in 2015 (Date: TBD) for several mail classes. Here is a quick look at what to expect once the changes take effect. Summary of Domestic 2015 USPS Postage Rate Updates First Class letters and postcards. The rate for a 1-ounce First Class letter ...

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5 Best Practices When Testing a Call to Action on Your E-Commerce Site

Your stats show you’re doing a good job getting traffic to your website. Great! But why aren’t your sales increasing? It may be because your site doesn’t contain a clear call to action. A call to action is a directive to site visitors. Usually via an eye-catching button, it instructs and ...

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5 Steps To Get Your E-Commerce Business Mobile Ready

Great products? Check. Clearcut policies? Check. Effective website? Check. Compelling copy? Check. You’ve hit all the marks for your e-commerce store – or have you? If you haven’t considered mobile shopping, now is the time to get your e-commerce business mobile ready. Did you know that recent research indicates that almost ...

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[Infographic] The State of E-Commerce in 2015

Based on a Wall Street Journal report, this infographic shows that the total eCommerce sales volume in the US recorded at $176 billion in 2010 is projected to reach $279 billion in 2015. About 8% market share of total US retail sales was held by online sales in 2014 and this ...

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4 Ways To Provide Amazing Customer Service

No matter what you sell, how you market your e-commerce site or how slick your website is, the service you provide customers will ultimately determine if they return to your store in the future.  What’s more, bad customer service is no longer a matter between store and shopper: negative social ...

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eBay Raises Shipping Caps on Media: What You Need to Know

Do you sell media on eBay? Here’s a heads-up that the marketplace has raised its shipping caps in some media categories, and what you as a seller need to know about the changes. The Basics eBay first set media shipping caps in 2008, explaining that the limits were fair and in line with e-commerce competition. […]


Packages Not Delivered By eBay’s Global Shipping Program

eBay’s Global Shipping Program gives e-commerce sellers access to buyers worldwide, with tools that make it simple to sell internationally by shipping via a U.S. center. This means once you ship the package to the eBay warehouse, eBay reships it to the international destination and manages all customs forms, duties and taxes for you. This convenience […]

Using eBay’s Seller Dashboard To Track Your Positioning

As of August 20, 2014, eBay’s updated seller standards are in effect, including a brand new seller dashboard. Designed to display status for current and future evaluation cycles, the new dashboard can pinpoint where your account needs some fine-tuning, plus highlight what you’re doing right. From sales amounts and history to closed cases without seller […]

International Selling


Mastering USPS Customs Forms

Where some online retailers see challenges, others see opportunities. A number of online retailers find it a hassle to ship internationally and limit their consumer base to their home country. On the other hand, some … [Read More...]


Understanding Duties and Taxes

Duties and taxes – the mere words evoke dread in the hearts and minds many online sellers. Fortunately, getting a handle on both of these facts-of-business-life isn’t nearly as daunting as you may think. While rates … [Read More...]


Understanding International Insurance

Why should you purchase international package insurance as an online seller? Is it even available for the country your shipping to? Is it worth it? What – and who – is really being protected?  What are the options, … [Read More...]

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Is Free Shipping the Right Choice for My Business?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and that goes double for the concept of free shipping. Still, small businesses like yours—and plenty of big names as well!—dangle free shipping offers to get attention, differentiate themselves from competitors and create customer loyalty. For many, it’s a tactic that works. Is the right choice for […]


Understanding USPS Dimensional (DIM) Weight Charges

Most carriers determine shipping costs based on package weight and the distance the package is traveling. In general, the heavier the package, the more it costs to ship. However, if you ship bigger, lightweight items, the shipping rate will be calculated based on the Dimensional Weight, or DIM, instead of the actual weight of the […]


Setting Up A Shipping Policy On Your Website

Whether you’re a new online business or you’ve been established for a few years, it’s important to have an easy-to-understand shipping policy on your web site. Customers want to know how and when you’ll be shipping their items, so you’ll want to be sure to spell it out on your site. A well-thought-out shipping policy […]

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Making the LEAP – How eBay Sellers Can Add Amazon to their Online Businesses

Change can be intimidating, but it can also be full of opportunities. You may have heard about … [Read More...]