How to Optimize Your Online Shop Revenue with a Single KPI

Why is Customer Lifetime Value the optimization metric in eCommerce? In a word, it empowers online retailers (and marketers for that matter) to focus their efforts and money toward the most valuable customers, resulting in better ROI. Companies should shift their money to the people and not to media anymore.”, Greg Head, CMO at Infusionsoft. The […]

[Infographic] Rock Your Back-To-School Sales & Marketing

Back-To-School 2016 is officially here!  Did you know Back-To-School is the second largest retail holiday in the US?  This year, it’s expected to rake in an unbelievable $828 BILLION! To honor this very special time in the lives of children everywhere, The Shelf has put together this epic Back-To-School infographic. Can’t see the infographic? View it here (use your browser […]

Maximize Revenue By Selling On Marketplaces, Your Website and Offline

When many retailers start up they will often ask themselves “Shall I sell on my own website?” or “Shall I sell on a marketplace like Amazon or eBay?”. In 2016 there isn’t a case for Marketplace vs Website, you should be selling on both and there are resources available that have made it easy to […]

How to Convert Browsers Into Buyers

It’s an age-old problem for online businesses: you’ve built an innovative set of products with a brand that people love; you’ve crafted marketing messages, content and sales materials that are the pride of your marketing department; and you’ve made it all available on a vibrant website that says and does everything you’ve planned. The foundation […]

3 Tips to Help Increase Average Order Value

As an e-commerce seller, sales are your goal. But what if your average sales are on the low side? Clearly there’s a market for your products, but without growing revenue you may find yourself on a sales plateau. That’s where bumping up your average order value becomes important. To calculate your average order value, divide […]

How To Acquire Products For Your E-Commerce Business: Make, Manufacture, Wholesale or Dropship?

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to start an e-commerce site. You’ve chosen the products you wish to sell. Now it’s time to figure out where those products will come from. The way you source or produce your products will help inform your entire business plan, from inventory to marketing to pricing to packaging. The […]

5 Simple Tips to Create a Trustworthy E-Commerce Website

Trust is the basis of any good relationship, even between shopper and website. The moment a customer loses trust in your site – whether it’s due to substandard customer service, bad links, malware or overall security – is the moment you may lose their interest … not to mention a transaction. Establish customer trust by […]

3 Reasons Why Customer Reviews Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Do you read product reviews when you’re shopping online? If so, you already know the impact reviews can have on purchasing decisions. In fact, recent studies have shown that 70% of customers look at reviews before clicking “buy,” and almost two-thirds of shoppers are more inclined to purchase from sites that feature reviews and ratings. […]

5 Tips For Content Marketing Success For Your E-Commerce Website

Although content marketing – a marketing approach focused on creating and sharing relevant content to attract and keep an audience – has been shown to be one of the most effective types of digital marketing to boost traffic and drive sales, some e-commerce sellers find it to be challenging to get started as well as […]

4 Ways to Build Backlinks for Your E-Commerce Website

Why should you be concerned about backlinks? Simply put, backlinks – links from other sites that point to yours – are a core part of off-page search-engine optimization (SEO). This means they help search engines determine your site’s relevance and importance. The drawback, however, is that backlinks can vary in their effectiveness. “Follow” backlinks essentially […]